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The Power Of Chaos 
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While sketching a new character and putting a Rune for Fire into his collar, I thought of an interesting adventure type of story based off of the Video Game the Rune came from, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

I have the basic points laid out. While I am at school and during my off-times I will work more on the story and refining the Lore.

I would like feedback on this, so feel free to ask questions, prod at the Lore, make suggestions and all that good stuff.

Here goes!

The Power of Chaos

Characters :
Ash - Fire - Bunny - Average Mana Pool, Powerful Attack Spells (Male)
Pani - Water - Otter - Huge Mana Pool, Weaker Spells except for Enchantments (Female)
Sod - Earth - Groundhog - Average Mana Pool, Longer Duration (Male)
Ataxia - Chaos - Headgehog - Large Mana Pool, Can't Summon Creatures (Female)

Plot :
Ataxia is growing extreamly powerful and upsetting the balace between the Elements. In order to keep balance, the other three elements have to work together. Traveling through time, casting powerful spells, summoning dark creatures, and bickering. Lots of bickering.

Spells :
Based off of the game "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem", they use the same Runes. However, the elements HAVE to use their own color for the "Power" (Red for Ash, etc.).
There are 10 Runes that are used for spells, yet more may be discovered in their travels.
There are "Prefix" and "Suffix" Runes. The First is the Action, the Second is the Focus. Example : to enchant an item you use the "Protect" Prefix and "Item" Suffix.
While casting a spell, you cannot move from the point where you began the casting. If you do move from that spot, the spell is canceled and all Mana used is lost. Restrictions do not apply, however your Mana must recharge.

Power of Spells :
There are 3 power levels to spells, 3-point, 5-point, and 7-point.
A 3-point spell is the most basic. It uses very little Mana, but is very weak as a result.
A 5-Point spell is mid-teir, using a fair amount of Mana and has average strength. It is powered up by 2 Pargon Runes
A 7-point spell is the most powerful, yet has the largest drawback. It drains all of your Mana and you cannot cast any spells for 24 hours. Powered up by 4 Pargon Runes

That is what I have set up FOR NOW.

Parts I am working on now :
How Mana recharges
What 3-point, 5-point, 7-point means

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Thu May 08, 2014 3:06 am
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hey Pladim!

alright, looks like you're trying to built your own game of some sorts. I do have some questions though, owing to mostly that you've only got a small posts worth of information. I'll try to break it down into bits that I don't quite get or want to comment on.

*never played Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, so I really don't have a point of reference here. I'm gonna guess, from context, that it's a RPG of sorts...I'm gonna say turn-based? So, for starters, How is the game played, at all?

*Alright, so you got four characters, each representing one of four elements, that I presume to be the basis for this game's magic. You imply that Ataxis is particularly powerful to the point of being a primary antagonist and is thus the center point of that particular type of magic. This implies the other characters are also the centerpoint/Avatar/diety of their respective types. Since a "balance" is also implied, there would have to be a pretty humongous tip-of-the-scales to get that kind of a power differential. Not that its not possible, but however it happened is an important enough plotpoint to be central.

*If Fire, Water, and Earth (no wind huh, birds not good enough for you?!?) represent the player, shouldn't chaos be judged on a different scale of power to qualify as a antagonist? The mana pool thing seems for the most part superfluous without context.

*Not sure I understand the spell system. I presumed the point value represented the cost to your pool, but you mentioned the 7-point drains the pool, which wouldn't make sense if different characters have different sized mana pools, so the distinction seems arbitrary.

Anywho, there may be other stuff, but you say you're gonna add more, so I'll hold off until. In the mean time, let us know what you come up with!

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Fri May 09, 2014 1:14 am
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I understand a lot of what you are pointing out. Here is a few updates on what I've done, making more simple for my sake and the reader's.

The "Mana" Idea is getting thrown out now. They are the embodiment of an Element, they should have a vast amount of power. There will still be some spell draw backs to keep some sense of balance.

'Chaos' Will now be a separate Element rising to power. I quote from a rough revision of the plot :
"A Forth element has come to power. Ataxia, the element of Chaos is growing extremely powerful. More powerful than the Three. The Three primary elements, Fire, Water, and Earth; must investigate this rise to power, and figure out how bring an end to Chaos."

For spell casting. the "Points" represent the points of a shape, known to them as an Array
3-point = Triangle Array
5-point = Pentagon Array
7-point = Heptagon Array

Example of a 5-point Array :

Steps to enlightenment brighten the way. But the stairs are steep, take them one at a time. - American McGee's Alice - Cheshire Cat
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Fri May 09, 2014 3:26 am
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