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'They', An Example 
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One cannot be a self-example without risking selfish judgment as 'they' consider him to be selfish, bragging, or self-pitying. It hardly matters what one is being an example of. Heck, even in writing essays-- such as this more free one where I will write my example-- it is considered inappropriate to use "I," "Me," Myself."
'Their' judgment, often, is selfish with self interest. "It's not all about me, so it's also not all about you." We're taught to not be selfish, yet it grows selfishness by teaching us it cannot be about an individual one knows or is reading from, let alone oneself. The selfishness that grows is a collective type, where it sometimes seems like it is breaking a cultural law to talk about oneself.
My Country, America, is a collective. The United-- a group as a single unit-- States of America. America is a singular word made up of, currently, 50 states and several territories.
If commercials haven't changed any since I stopped television-- I'm told 'they' got worse in creativity and acting-- then you probably hear the words "Our," "Us," or "We" quite often. "Our company...." "For us to..." "We are...."
We're taught to appeal to the group, to not use our own example because not everyone can relate. But of what worth is a light example lacking depth or interest? How can anyone relate? What can we gain? How can one feel okay when it cannot sometimes be about oneself?
Somehow, 'they' get away with writing about individuals other than themselves. For example, any autobiography is often criticized as being biased. Sure, that happens, but it happens in most any biography or fiction book as the author picks and chooses what goes in and how to write each individual-- making them good or bad or neutral.
I-- yes, me, not a collective me as there (I hope) is only one of me-- wrote a piece on what self-harm cutting is and what it isn't. I used my own examples for the most part, tracking through it why I did it and what I gained by doing it.
I found it to be a good piece, yet later when the forum I wrote it for seemed to decide it-- another collective-- was against me-- an individual in that singular collective-- that piece was used against me as people claimed I was self-pitying and trying to make myself look like a victim.
Well, I was a victim-- of my own hand in that piece and at their hands in that attack. But I wrote that for everyone to see the truth in what cutting is and isn't, several reasons for it, as well as why it is so hard to beat.
Yet, as stated, it was used against me. Everything I wrote about me was to benefit others by helping them understand or gain things they may not know, or to help other individuals relate to a real person when they are struggling with similar things.
But, of course, 'they' will just hand you a book of generalities written by someone with a PhD or send you to a counselor trained with a group to do 'unbiased', textbook stuff that never worked for me. I wanted to relate. They were not allowed to relate or make anything about themselves.
You might be wondering about the emphasis or quotes on 'they'. Well, 'they' are that unnamed collective. 'They' cannot totally relate to the individual because 'they' are not an individual. Each 'they' is different. But 'they' is just a word to describe a group that is otherwise not described, is not known, is not completely understood. Yet most English-speakers often say 'they' without describing who 'they' are-- and English teachers hate this in essays.
Yet 'they' drive culture. 'They' keep us united but separate. 'They' is some great thing that no one can see, get close to, or know.
'They' is not the child, row 2, seat 3 from the left in room 106.
'They' is not the one crying on her bed because her heart is broken, address 815 Vineland Lane.
'They' is not the one writing these words.
'They' is not the patriot defending this country from those who wish to harm it.
And 'they' is not you.
'They' are not 'is'. 'Is' is the individual. And the individual is you, is me, and is anybody. It is not the collective, but it is each of us.
So pray tell why it is so wrong to write about me, to talk about me. Pray tell why we cannot be ourselves when 'they' want us to be 'us all.'

'They' are rarely an example. I am an example, and so are you. We are not a 'they'. We are a singular, thought-out creation of God. And we, as individuals, can individually boost us all forward by being our real selves. I am me, and you are you.

I'm not saying we shouldn't be a group. I'm all for unity. I'm just saying that to unite we need to be individuals that make up the whole, not the whole trying to make up one individual.

Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Joshua chapter 1, verse 9.

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