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A Cheetah-Man Named Dan 
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Here's a story I'm working on about a furry (anthropomorphic animal enthusiast) who is turned into an actual furry (anthropomorphic animal), specifically a cheetah. When I update, I shall post a notification on the FFC Telegram chat. Suggestions are welcome - just realize I'm kind of sensitive about my work, so please, be positive when giving me constructive criticism. Thank you, and enjoy! :)

----- Ch1 -----

"Thanks for the reading," Dan told the fortune teller. "I'm not much of a believer in magic, but you were pretty good - you even figured out that I'm a furry."

"It really wasn't that difficult to figure that out, my dear," the old woman said kindly. "You have a whimsical, wild aura about you."

Dan reached into his pocket and pulled out a wrinkled old five dollar bill and looked at it, then at her. "You're good at what you do, and I appreciate that." Dan handed the bill to the woman and she smiled sweetly.

"Aww, that was your last five dollars!" The woman looked around and then whispered: "I don't usually do this, but I'm going to return your kindness with a blessing." She reached out and took Dan's hands in hers.

"I give you a gift: You are of two forms - man and beast. Of this, others will see what they will, unless you show them otherwise."

Dan cocked his head a little in confusion.

The woman winked. "It will make sense soon. I bid you a good evening, Daniel."

Dan acknowledged her farewell and left the tent. Outside, Riley, one of Dan's housemates, sat on a bench waiting. She was a furry, like Dan. In fact, all of Dan's housemates were furries - college friends who had decided to rent a house together after they graduated.

Riley perked up when she saw him leave the tent. "How was it?" she asked.

"It was interesting. She really knows how to read people - it was almost uncanny. Also a bit odd, but that's to be expected from fortune tellers at carnivals."

"Neat!" Riley said cheerily. "Let's go find the others - it's almost closing time and I've got to get home so I can get enough sleep for work tomorrow."

"Alright. Charlie went to the pony rides to hang out with his 'brothers' and Donna went to try to win some prizes. I'll get Charlie and you get Donna and we'll meet back here. Last ones here pay for a full tank on the way home."

"Hey, that's not fair!" Riley said playfully. "Charlie's a horse and you're a cheetah! You'd totally outpace a dog and a raccoon. Besides, Donna will probably be distracted by all the shinies."

Dan grinned. "You know that Charlie's a draft horse, not a racehorse. And as for Donna, well, you're a border collie - do what you do best and herd her! Readysetgo!"

Dan darted away before Riley could react. "Hey!" Riley laughed and took off towards the games.

(Chapter not quite finished)

----- Ch2 -----

Dan had forgotten the fortune teller's words when morning came. He got up early to shower before the others as he usually did. But as he turned on the light to the bathroom, something caught his eye. He looked to his left and a scream rent the air of the sleepy little house. In the mirror was a familiar face - not his, but that of a cheetah! Dan gazed, bewildered, at the anthropomorphic cheetah in pajama bottoms which stood there with a startled expression on its face.

The first person to respond to Dan's scream was Charlie, who had been in his and Dan's room next door.
"What the hay, Dan?! What's going on??"

"THAT!!" Dan shouted, pointing at the mustard yellow and beige furred figure.

Charlie looked at where Dan was pointing, and his brow furrowed.
"I don't see anything. Is this a joke? You know I scare easy - it isn't funny."

Dan just stared at him, dumbfounded.

Riley came out of her room across the hall, hurrying to finish pulling on a shirt.
"Are you ok??" she asked, concerned.

Flabbergasted, Dan stared at the mirror at the reflection of two of his roommates, one kind of peeved and one concerned, and a confused brown-spotted cheetah staring back at them.

"CAN'T YOU SEE IT?!?" Dan cried.

"See what?" Donna yawned, peeking in the door.

Dan gestured to his furry body.
"THIS!" he said incredulously.

"I think he just wanted to wake us up," Charlie harrumphed.

"No, something's up," Riley said, her concern growing.

Donna yawned again. "Well, I'm going to go back to bed. Let me know if you figure out what's going on." With that, she walked back across the hall to Riley's and her room.

Dan just stared in shock at the cheetah in the mirror, hyperventilating.

"Calm down, Dan. Slow, deep breaths. Should I call an ambulance?"

Dan looked at Riley, then back at his reflection, then quickly back at Riley.
"What? No! NO!" he shouted, shaking his head violently.

"Deep breaths," Riley said, taking a hold of Dan's arm gently. "Breathe."

Dan took some deep breaths and tried to calm down. The initial adrenaline rush was beginning to wear off, and Dan was able to gather his thoughts somewhat.

"Good," Riley said. "Now, what's the matter?"

Dan noticed that Riley still had her hand on his arm.
"How can you not feel that??"

Riley looked at him questioningly. "Feel what?"

"The fur! On my arm!"

Riley gave Dan a small smile. "Well, your arm hair is unusually soft."

Frustrated, Dan turned away, and as he did, his tail brushed against Riley. He turned quickly back to Riley. "Did you feel that?"

Riley gave him an odd look. "I did feel something brush me just now, but I didn't see what it was."

"That was my tail!" Dan shoved his tail into Riley's hand. "Don't you see?! I'm a cheetah!"

Riley could feel Dan's tail swishing in her hand. Suddenly, her eyes widened as the white-tipped tail appeared in her hand. She looked up, and this time she saw the thing Dan had been trying to show her. Riley shrieked and fell backwards into the hall.
"Oh my gosh! You are!" Riley said in a wavering voice.

"Ok, what gives?" Charlie snorted angrily. "Are you in on this prank together?"

"It's not a prank!" Riley said. "Dan, show him!"

Dan took his tail and placed it in Charlie's hand. Charlie was amazed as a long slender tail suddenly appeared in his hand. He looked up to see a cheetah grinning sheepishly at him. He screamed and ran back to their bedroom, slamming the door behind him. Dan ran out of the bathroom to the door as Riley got up and followed behind. He tried the knob, but found it was locked, so he started knocking.

"Charlie! I'm still myself! You don't have anything to be worried about! At least, I don't think you do."

"It's that last part I'm concerned about," Charlie cried through the door.

Dan sighed and leaned against the door. He slid down but yowled as his tail crunched underneath him.
"This is going to take some time to get used to," he said, curling his tail into a more comfortable spot.

Riley leaned against the wall across from him.
"Charlie, or the tail?"

"Both," Dan replied.

Donna once again staggered out of her "den".
"What's with all the hullabaloo?! Has everyone here except me gone bonkers?"

"Where were you when I yelled?" Riley asked, a bit peeved.

Donna yawned. "You know I'm a heavy sleeper. Only Charlie's screams are loud enough to wake me - with the exception of Dan a little earlier. So, did you ever figure out what the problem was?"

Dan looked to Riley.
"Should I show her?"

Riley nodded. "Yeah, but this time maybe not the tail. Maybe one of your ears?"

"What about his ear?" Donna asked, confused.

"Give it a feel." Dan said.

Reluctantly, Donna knelt down and rubbed his ear in between her fingers.
"Whoa. That's weird," she said, slightly startled.

"What do you see?" Riley asked.

"I see Dan's ear, but the texture is off. Am I missing something?"

Riley cocked her head. "Huh. Maybe it was because you gave me context for what I was feeling, Dan. Donna, does what you feel remind you of anything?"

Donna continued to rub Dan's ear. Dan was starting to enjoy the sensation of having his ears rub and involuntarily began to let out a rumbling purr. Donna stopped.

"Wait, I know that noise. My cat used to make a sound like that - and this feels a lot like one of my cats ears."

Donna's eyes widened as she looked up to see a contented anthro big cat leaning against the door.

"Oh... Em... GOODNESS! KITTEH!!!" she shouted, diving to give him a hug that lasted just long enough to be awkward. "Senpai, teach me your ways!!! How did you become like this?!?"

Dan was flustered at the amount of attention Donna was giving him. She was never this awake in the morning.
"I - I don't know! I think I woke up like this." Then he remembered. "It was the fortune teller! She gave me some sort of 'blessing'. Argh! What were the words?! Something about being both man and beast and 'others will see what they will'."

Riley commented, "That might explain why we couldn't see a cheetah before - we thought you were still human, so that's what we saw."

Dan nodded. "I think you might be right about that. It makes sense. The lady finished with something like 'unless you show them otherwise'.

"It took you showing me an invisible tail for me to see you as a cheetah - it probably takes hard evidence," Riley deduced.

"I'm more concerned about the part about being both man and beast," said a voice from beyond the door. "I have to room with him, and I don't want to end up becoming his dinner!"

Donna stood up and faced the door. "That probably just means he's anthro, you big doof! Humanoid shape, animal features - human and beast! Now come out and make me breakfast - you made me get out of bed a second time this morning, and now the nocturnal animal is awake and hungry. Out!"

There was a pause, then Charlie replied. "Fine. But Riley, you hold on to Dan's tail just in case I feel a need to run and predatory instincts kick in."

"I'll hold on to his tail too!" Donna giggled, grabbing onto Dan's new appendage. Dan rolled his eyes, nodded and got up, moving over to Riley so she could hold on to his tail.

Riley got a grasp on his tail and loudly announced: "Caught a cheetah by the tail; if he hollers, let 'im wail!"
Dan scowled at her as she smiled smugly and Donna laughed, then Dan turned his head back to the door.
"Ok, you can come out now. The predator is secure."

Charlie unlocked the door and hesitantly came out. At first he was confused, and then startled.

"What?" Riley asked.

"First I saw human Dan, and then he turned into cheetah Dan. I wonder..." Charlie thought for a moment. "When I was in the room, I didn't really trust what I had seen, and when I opened the door and saw human Dan; but then I realized that both Riley and I had seen and felt a cheetah, and so had Donna - you're holding on to his tail right now. So I knew that Dan was a cheetah - and as soon as I reached that thought, he turned back into a cheetah."

"So, that means that, unless you believe Dan is a cheetah," Riley surmised, "you can only see him as human."

Charlie nodded. "That's what I was thinking, yeah."

"So, in theory, that should mean that I can go out in public without turning heads," Dan reasoned.

"As long as you don't do anything that raises any eyebrows, probably," Riley replied.

"And I just realized, you have plantigrade feet," Donna interjected, "so wearing shoes won't be an issue for you."

Dan looked down at his feet and noted that, other than the fur, claws, and likely some pads on the bottom, they were pretty much human.

"So I do," Dan said. "That explains why I didn't fall over when I got up this morning."

Charlie looked over at Donna. "Of course his feet would be the first thing you'd notice," he said dryly.

Donna rocked back on her heels and smiling innocently. "They weren't the first thing I noticed - I noticed his ears first. The feet I noticed second."

Riley tried to change the subject. "Speaking of clothes, it's a good thing you're an animal from a hot climate. If I were turned into Rixi, I wouldn't be able to bear wearing clothes with all that long dog fur."

"Ooh, should we call him by his fursona's name, 'Lagato Furrari'?" Donna asked excitedly.

"NO," Dan responded before anyone else had a chance to reply.

"Aw, why not?" Donna pretend-pouted.

"Because," Dan replied, "that name belongs to the sparklecat version of my Dan the Cheetah fursona that I made specifically for you for one specific occasion."

"So?" Riley asked, playing along with Donna.

"So, I have fangs now. Don't make me use them," Dan growled, only slightly serious.

"If you have the fangs, does that make you a carnivore? Cheetah's only eat meat, right?" Charlie asked, slightly nervous.

"I don't know, but this isn't the savanna," Dan responded, placing a padded hand on Charlie's shoulder. "Any hunt I do is going to be at the grocery store or the pantry, not the living room."

Charlie seemed very much at ease now.
"Alright. Speaking of food, I'm going to make us all some breakfast."

Dan piped up. "Before you do that, can I get permission for Riley and Donna to release me now?"

Charlie nodded. "I deem you safe enough to let loose - at least as safe as any other cat furry."

Dan rolled his hazel eyes. "Har har. Alright let's get some breakfast."

Riley let go of Dan's tail and followed Charlie toward the kitchen.

Dan turned. "Er, Donna, you can let go of my tail now."

"Nah. I'm good," Donna giggled.

Dan sighed. "This is going to take some time to get used to."
He turned and headed toward the kitchen, Donna in tow.

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Hehe! It's fun! I love it! Please keep writing it!

Reminds me of a great book series I'm reading (still waiting for the next book to come out) called Freelance Familiars. It's about a guy called Thomas Khatt who wakes up one day to find himself transformed into a cougar. A union of animals wants to make him a familiar to a witch since all talking animals are familiars but he doesn't want that as he's freaked out and not knowing what's happening. It soon turns out that not all animals and not all witches are good so Thomas has to work out who to side with and what to do but it's not always obvious which side is the "good" side. And to top it off, it turns out that Thomas' girlfriend from when he was human is a werewolf and now knows him as a cougar too. Oh, and there's a pyromaniac squirrel who's obsessed with building bigger and better fireworks with which to shoot the bad guys :P Great books and I highly recommend them!

But anyway, got distracted, sorry. Please keep writing, Doug, because this is awesome!

Frostwood Forever! <3

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