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This is my language that I have created. Its called "Vælish."

LEGEND: A sounds like "aw," Á sounds like "ei," "ay," or the Canadian "eh." Ä sounds like the A in "cat," or in "hat." Ç sounds like the ch in "chicken," or in "cheese." E is tricky, because if you don't say it right it sounds like á. Say "Hello." Now as if you were saying hello just stop at "he." So it should sound like "heh." Now take the H's away and you get e! I sounds likewise the two E's in "see." Then there is the Finnish (or European) Y. It sounds like U, but its different. The only way I can explain it is by using the British way of saying pajamas, Pyjamas.
O sounds like "oh." Ö sounds like the two O's in "too." J sounds like the y in "yeah," like the German J or the Finnish J.

Whisper letters:

When you see an arrow above the letter like â, it usually follows a k. Âk. It would sound like "ach." Or bôk. "Boch." Ý sounds like (in this language,) jii. (Or yee.) For example, çnábôkmýr. (Chnay-BOCH-myeer.) You will only encounter these letters in whisper phrases. Except for perhaps "ô" or "â."

(In Vaelo-Finnic we count in Northern Sami.)
Numbers from one to ten are specific words: okta [1], guokte [2], golbma [3], njeallje [4], vihtta [5], guhtta [6], čieža [7], gávcci [8],

ovcci [9], and logi [10].

From eleven to nineteen, the numbers are formed from the matching digits, adding the suffix nuppelohkái: oktanuppelohkái [11],

guoktenuppelohkái [12], golbmanuppelohkái [13], njealljenuppelohkái [14], vihttanuppelohkái [15], guhttanuppelohkái [16],

čiežanuppelohkái [17], gávccinuppelohkái [18], and ovccinuppelohkái [19].

The tens are formed by suffixing the multiplier digit with the word for ten (logi), with the exception of ten itself: logi [10], guoktelogi

[20], golbmalogi [30], njealljelogi [40], vihttalogi [50], guhttalogi [60], čiežalogi [70], gávccilogi [80], and ovccilogi [90].

Compound numbers are formed by saying the ten, then the digit with no space (e.g.: guoktelogiguokte [22], njealljelogiguhtta [46]).

Hundreds are formed by setting the multiplier unit directly before the word for hundred (čuođi), with the exception of one hundred

itself: čuođi [100], guoktečuođi [200], golbmačuođi [300], njeallječuođi [400], vihttačuođi [500], guhttačuođi [600], čiežačuođi [700],

gávccičuođi [800], and ovccičuođi [900].

Thousands are formed by setting the multiplier unit before the word for thousand (duhat) with no space, with the exception of one

thousand itself: duhat [1,000], guokteduhat [2,000], golbmaduhat [3,000], njealljeduhat [4,000], vihttaduhat [5,000], guhttaduhat

[6,000], čiežaduhat [7,000], gávcciduhat [8,000], and ovcciduhat [9,000].

Millions are formed by setting the multiplier unit before the word for million (miljon, plural miljovnna) with no space, except for one

million: miljon [1 million], guoktemiljovnna [2 million], golbmamiljovnna [3 million], njealljemiljovnna [4 million], vihttamiljovnna [5


Compound numbers are formed by juxtaposing the numbers with no space from the higher ones to the smaller ones (e.g.:

guoktečuođivihttalogigávcci [258], duhatčiežačuođigávccilogiovcci [1,789], miljončiežaduhatvihtta [1,007,005],

vihttamiljovnnaduhatguoktečuođigolbmalogi [5,001,230]).

O aská? you alright? (OH oskay)
Amuuska? Yes why? (Aw-moo-skah)
Ysky asbá! Thank you! (Oo-skoo awz-bay)
Makáá on aallyy. I love you. (Maw-kaay on awl-loo)
Aaláma hyyskánä. Hello (Awl-ay-ma hoo-skay-nah) (literally favorable greetings)
Yálla çeli? How are you? (Oo-ay-luh chel-lee)
Amäätá! Begone (Ah-mah-tay)
Mätáála! Good morning! (Mah-tay-la) (Literally, morning!)
Kaskantalla! Get going, goodbye. (Kos-sken-tawla)
Á. No. (Ay)
A. Yes. (Aw)
Áamokt. I dislike you. (Ay-aw-mockt)
Aamottak. I like you (Aw-mot-tawk)

Açölamaa koroskaotti jotaala attamasaanti kaskentääläi.
I'd like to come but I need to go (Aw-shoo-lah-mah koh-rohs-skot-tee yoh-tah-luh aw-tah-mah-san-tee kos-ken-tuh-lai)

Kyysty paskaagn. I am sorry (Kooh-stooh paws-kawg-gen)

Vánaalyytuä! Battle cry (vay-nawl-looh-tooh-ah)

Noça es noça. Enough is.enough. (Noh-cha eis noh-cha)

Haalávi ryyna! We have won!
(Haw-lah-vee roo-nah) [Haalávi=we have, ryyna=won, success}
Haalávi ryynsi! We have lost!
(Haw-lay-vee roon-si) [haalávi=we have, ryynsi=loss/lost.]
Särálámoloç. No direct translation, but basically means "Vaeran Spirit." (Sah-ray-lay-moh-lawch)

Vijáliç- witch, harlot. (Vee-yay-leech)


Josa ávaaosa pariosa polla

Doshkeko ryyshökii kaskonn.

Miikoskonn. (You say this in a whisper.)

Korriosma (Whisper word)

Yllyyçnâk (whisper word. [Oo-looch-nach)

Äçnáto. (Whisper word) goodnight.

Çnábôkmýr. (Whisper word. [Shnay-BOCH-myeer])

Çnabôkmýr jylávka. (Whisper word. [Shnay-BOCH-myeer yool-layv-ka])

Çyytâknýrn (whisper word. [Choo-TACH-nyeer-rin])

Dnýrn (whisper word, when spelled: "D`nýrn," it is also a name. [Dih-nyeern.])

Jôksmýrkn (whisper word, when spelled "S`mýrn" this is also a name. {Yocks-myeer-khin} [Sih-myeer-khin] )

Döshka mäçii. Dirty boy kisser. (Dösh=Dirt/dirty. Ka=boy. Mäç/Mäçhii=kiss/kisser. [This is used as a teasing term, when someone, {often female,} is flirting with the opposite gender.])


Names: the thing with names is that all names begin with a title. For example; Ça`. This means mother or motherlike. "Jo" means "wizard". "Dar" means "thief". This appellation is not meant to imply a criminal, but rather, one who is clever, or else, particularly gifted with their hands. "Do" means "warrior". "M" or "Ma" means "child" or "apprentice". "J," Ji," or "Ja" means "a bachelor" or "young adult". In the common vernacular, it means one who is young. "S" means "adult" or "an adult". "Ra" and "Ri" are used to imply great status, "Ri" . "Dro" means "grandfather" and is meant as a sign of respect. "Khazh" means "desert". "-iit" is used to state where one lives,and is also used to define one's job. "Va" means "to be".

Here's a few names:

M`skara. (Hmm-skar-ruh)
Dro`thaljá. (Geroh-thahl-yay)
Çá`maaská. (Chay-maa-skay)
Va`skaana. (Vah-ska-na)
J`haç. (Yuh-ha-ch)
M`jälnja. (Hmm-yahln-ya [Also is the form of "MJOLNIR"])
I`sko. (Ee-sko)
Ra`talla. (Rah-tal-luh)
Ko`skijol. (Koh-skee-yol)
Nä`jalni (NAH-yahln-nee)
Ma`táála (MAH-tæ-la)

Now the thing with name endings is mostly based on where in Rákiiä they are located. In Rä`skijol, for example; Rä` means skilled, Skijol is a province in Rákiiä. Sometimes it may be based on the surroundings of their homes; like Ko`söva. (KOH-sooh-vah.) Ko` meaning strong, söva being a branch or a small tree. So it means "Strong Branches," or "Small but Strong." Now if it were Ko`sovaç, (KOH-soh-vatch) it would mean "Grown Elm," which is what their name would change to when they reached adulthood. The name variety is different from the different tribes.

Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:48 am
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I really admire someone who aspires to be a latter-day Tolkien! :D Do you have advice for someone who might want to try the same thing? (I've made up "languages" but they weren't REAL made-up languages with a clear set of rules and all.)

Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:14 pm
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Thank you! :D

Well, I can speak in "Uralic gibberish" which is basically what this is. I made it up. But you just need to pick a language you admire the most and make it sound similar but unique. I model mine off of Finnish, (funny because that's what Tolkien used to model Elvish.) But just say things randomly, and if it sounds cool write it down. :) you may sound like a blabbering idiot to pepple but that's what I did lol.

Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:55 pm
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You're welcome! :D

Heh, really? Well, I did make up my own language (Montong, the language of the moon) but it wasn't anywhere near as organized as Elvish (even though it was inspired by what I heard of it in the movies).

Here's the end part of an epic romantic tragic song (I never wrote the whole thing):

"Ai Lionnath oth Reunin,
U Gellonin amblee...."

("Reun drowned himself in the sea,
and Gellon followed him.")

One thing I "learned" about the Montong language is this: the word "oth" is the past tense of one of the words for "come", but with a sense of finality, such that one came there to die.

Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:16 am
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Thats pretty ^^

Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:37 am
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Thanks! :D

Here's a conversation:

"Elargono-hoi! Uneeroth ol! Uneeroth ol ne Aarde!"
"Kalinos! Ol renorrie istuvin!"
"Kalinnorikhan, Hoi!"

Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:08 am
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*giggles* that's cool :3

Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:49 am
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At five years old I thought I was never going to grow up.
At ten I was wondering why everyone told me I was growing up too fast.
At fifteen I wanted to grow up faster.
Now I'm sixteen and its two years away.

Age, age, go away.
Please take the sands of time away.
Sands, sands, please stop blowing.
I want to keep my childhood from going.
Old man, old man, what's your deal?
You work to move time, yet we work and have stress.
Where does all this sand come to rest?
Time, time, do you have some time left?
Surely the desert can spare a minute.
Bell, bell, for whom do you toll?
Is it my turn to leave this world alone?

Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:05 am

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Hmm...maybe I should put something up about one of my constructed languages. I feel my efforts have been a little clumsy, too, but one of them has come a long way.

Now perhaps I was a bit rushed, but I found the summary on this Vælish to be a little confusing, like I'd missed something. I do believe there are a number of letters in the sample words that are not covered, at any rate.

Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:06 pm
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Oh, sorry. It is complex. Especially the numeric system O.o

Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:38 pm
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From a winter's end to a summer's dawn—
I thought my troubles were gone.
But along with gentle happiness,
Came a burden much too strong.
Hopefully with an honest heart she will come along.
In wisdom's wake—
Again I find myself too small,
If I find true happiness;
Will love dominate it all?
At all I hope, that all is well,
In the heart of him that swells—
Like an Ocean it swells,
When it swells it waves!
And the waves do tell that if an Ocean could wave;
Swells would behave,
And my heart could be as well.
Like a well it would be,
Deep and witholding to all but One!
Which was why the well was dug;
To give water to One.

~Rakkaus Ja Rauha~

Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:57 pm
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Oooo, that's cool!

Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:06 pm
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Thank you ^^ what did you like about it?

Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:09 pm
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Where did you go?
Sweet flower of mine where did you bloom?
As a bee in the winds I desire your pollen!
These fields are vast and barren and few foxgloves remain.
Were you scorched by the midday sun,
Are your petals in wither?
Shall my wings and my buzz fade before their Morning Glory?
Do not keep me waiting my dear,
My heart aches for the one true flower.
So I may never have need to roam these fields again,
As it wears upon the the very fabric I wear and these silks are not found even upon the maidens of Cathay.
Nor are my linens as extravagantly violet as the Egyptian cousins they so resemble.
As a hound in full dusk, how yet I wait to howl over the Moon I crave.
The sun is dawning—
Shall I find a new Star or bathe in this evanescent vision?
How unattainable this illusion.
Is it an illusion I ask,
Or is it selfishness on your part?
Shall this silver-hearted hound wait any longer?

When shall you come to mind?
When shall you come to mind?
When shall you come to mind?
When shall you come to mind?

Make America Great Again

Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:05 am
Lady Sloth
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Any language I make up tends to be based on Latin.


Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:03 am
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Mine is based in Finnish and Sámi. :3

Make America Great Again

Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:19 pm
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Karelian Company A Short Story by Brandon LeMonds ----Case File: 1010010 Person of Interest: Naamian Vikkyr Signed: Apprentice Scribe Josian ----This is the file copy of the subject that lived in northeastern Karelia, his name was Naamian Vikkyr. Vikkyr had been complaining about problems sleeping the night before his arrival, we had been given the task by the New Liberal Society (referred to as the NLS later in this case file,) to detain him and view all later developments in the case. Why was he so important to the NLS? We didn’t know for sure, but we were sure to find out later in time. The Heavy Attainment Squad (HAS) was tasked in finding Subject 1010010, Callsign Vikkyr-Kharlael, they were only informed that Vikkyr-K was afflicted by a phenomenon known as only in Fringe Science as the “Ghalahad Effect.” After making a number of choices over an extended period of one’s life including but not limited to: greed, selfishness, scornful attitude, seeking the betterment of one’s own than another’s the entire time, etc. one begins to experience out of body experiences, inaudible voices, visions, and astral projections and sometimes even possession. Since the Ghalahad Effect is not a very common occurrence and the NLS has little to no information on the psychotic behavior, HAS needs to obtain Subject 1010010 for further investigation. Vikkyr-K must not be allowed to escape, but as the HAS is the most trained of its kind in the NLS, that will not happen. ----Day of Attainment ----With an RPV (remotely piloted vehicle,) we were able to attain Subject 1010010’s movements and actions well before the HAS-101 Incident. Vikkyr-K has been sleepwalking as well as before the Subject has been going through interesting circumstances; avoiding doors and covering the doorknockers with masking-adhesive tape. Levitation has been observed, and even talking while sleeping. NLS gave us the go an hour or so after observing these odd phenomena, we were ready to Attain the Subject. “Epsilon, do you have the entry location primed and ready for exfil’?” said the Sept-Sek Alpha, the on-site overseer of the operation. “Yeah just got to get the Lady Hammer ready for door-entry.” Epsilon replied, “Hurry up Epsilon, we need to grab and bag this creep before we miss lunch, heard they were serving bloodroast at the base!” exclaimed Sierra-Tango, also known as “Saint.” “Ready ready for entry!” cautioned Epsilon. Hearing this, entry-squad got into position along the left side of the doorframe. Detonating the entry-charge he checked the corners of the room as Saint entered the right rear bedroom. Sept-Sek Alpha and Epsilon cleared the left rear bedroom as well as the living room as Sierra-Tango was still on approach. Saint was nowhere to be seen, Epsilon lead into the back bedroom which remained unsearched, and what lay there was what they had needed to grab and relocate; Naamian Vikkyr. “C’mon Alpha! Grab the package, let’s find Saint and get out of here. This place gives me the bejeebies.” Whispered Epsilon. Sept-Sek Alpha touched Vikkyr-K, and the Subject’s eyes opened with a flash of red light and with a scream as the sonic wave of the yell knocked Epsilon and Sept-Sek Alpha unconscious. ----Prologue to the Before and Current ----Due to the measurements in atmospheric pressure given to us by the RPV’s Onboard Media Device, we were able to ascertain the location of the sonic wave’s resonance triangulation. The sonic scream was not only one of audible qualities, but of a certain radio wave that has transmitted us data that may (when translated) allow us to recreate what was going through the head of Subject 1010010 before and during the HAS-101 incident. After countless hours of trying to figure out what the transmission entailed, our system of Computer Engineers detailed the code and this is what we found; something NLS would very much like to see… ----The Before and Current ----Before I lay down to sleep to try and greet this Spirit that was supposed to beckon to me I believed I should get up for a moment… As I passed into the, I am not quite sure what it was exactly. If anything I could call it the Plane of Behaal, or the Plane of Dreams. I was lead into this place from the hand of the Ghost of Present Holy Day. I sense that this has to do with my overly-selfish life; I hope this Ghost shows a little hold over kindness, as last dream was terrible. The ghost is taking me to a large apartment near Karelia City Square, how odd I thought… We arrived in the center of a large room; a giant was creating a feast! A table a size too large for a medieval Lord all the food sat upon, hot and ready for consumption with all kinds of roasted and boiled meats, along with fruit and steamed veggies, paired nicely with cupcakes and desserts. Feeling an odd touch on my chest, I peered down and looking to view my collar being gripped but by no one. I shrugged and the Ghost came and softly grabbed me by the collar and we jetted out of the giant’s window. Considering this just an odd case of déjà-vu, I paid no attention. We then arrived to the City Square which was where I supposed the Ghost was taking me towards next. A whole new kind of folk was browsing the Holy Day’s special one night special selection of all the stores. They purchased all kinds of foods from the bakeries and the butchers, the taffy-pullers and the candy-summoners; including the farmers and no less the housewives. There was a great joy present in their faces and the same joy filled my heart and it caused me to call out in joy; though I know not why, for I have no past or present joy of this Holy Day. The Ghost of Present Holy Day took me therefore to a feeble child’s residence, along with a mother and father he resides in his pain as a cripple; insomuch however of the joyous Holy Day he forgot about his pain and since wherefore he enjoyed much of the holy day set before him. For he possessed his mother and father, and that was all he needed. I, Naamian; was slightly jealous at this opaque image of family. I never had experienced this kind of joy or love before. The Feeble Child’s mother was preparing dinner, which was going to be potato and beef stew. As the bubbling of the potatoes in the pot grew more furious, the Mother removed them right as the Father of the household entered the dwelling. The Feeble Child and his sibling cried out in joy as the Father picked them both up in his arms and kissed them both on the cheek as he then set them both down. The Feeble one walked back to his chair, the other jumped into his; and as Mother prepared the potatoes the whole family sat down to say grace, and only after the fact did they begin to eat their Holy Day’s meal. Everything in time froze, my heart warmed; being quite confused on how a family could be so pleased with so little, but nevertheless jealous all the same. The Ghost pulled me into the opposite room of the Feeble Child’s House, and we began to converse. “Why do you pull me aside from this wonderful view of love?” I queried. “You must know what it is you look at, and what will become of the child.” Replied the Ghost. “What is it that I see?” I asked. “You see something you envy, you wish you had this at this moment but you must realize that your own selfish intention has brought you exactly and only what you wanted, wealth. Wealth is what you got, you didn’t get happiness, love or a family like this. This young lad shall pass away soon because of his frailty, and you being a cheap man as you are were not as able to support his father as nicely as you could. You are a very hard and cheap man, Naarmian. You should have given this man his earned wage, then he may be able to give his son a warm bed or a house that isn’t drafty. Your failing to be fair has caused this man’s son to wither. You are to ignore the sins of Ignorance and Want if you wish this boy to live; his Fate is your will Naarmian.”

Make America Great Again

Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:10 am
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You might want to use paragraph breaks. That just looks really daunting and hard to read.


Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:15 am
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Its hard to do things like that on my phone or I would have

Make America Great Again

Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:42 am

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Oh man that's awesome!

Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:14 pm
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