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Implicit Bias Test! 
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These tests are pretty interesting! It only takes a few minutes for each one.

They measure your immediate visceral response to certain types of people/things. They don't say anything about your beliefs so much as your gut reaction. It says a lot about you!

For instance, I don't consider myself a racist, and racial equality is very important to me, but the test still said I have a somewhat more positive response to white people than black people.

Amusingly, I also have a somewhat more positive response to gay people than straight people. :P

Y'all don't have to share your results if you don't want to (I know it's a sensitive thing), but I think it's really neat and worth checking out!


Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:30 pm
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I took the race one and I got "Your data suggest no automatic preference between African Americans and European Americans." So that's good, I guess??

I also took the Asian one, because I thought I might have a slight preference for Asians due to growing up in Japan, but turns it out it was just a test of whether you associate Asians with being *American* or not... so yeah, I was more likely to associate Asians with foreign things and white people with American things because most of my experiences with Asian people were in a foreign country. :/

I also did the disability one, and "Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for Disabled Persons over Abled Persons." Not surprised, since I'm disabled myself, and have spent a lot of time in the disability community, and have tons of friends with all different kinds of disabilities. :P


Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:08 am
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Haven't taken it yet, but just wanted to say before I do that I think there's an important distinction between one's automatic response and their deliberate response. And finding out and acknowledging one's biases (perhaps through a test like this one) can help them be more deliberate in the future and hopefully catch themselves the next time they make a judgement against someone based on their first impressions.

So on that note, this should be interesting... here goes...

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Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:45 am
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I took race, gender-science, race-weapons, and the gay/straight one (are those the right names for all those?)

Gender-Science IAT wrote:
Your data suggest a slight automatic association for Male with Liberal Arts and Female with Science.

I really expected this result though given that I am a male with a liberal arts degree, and most of my closest friends are the same, while I know lots of women who pursued and attained science degrees (although almost all of them nursing degrees but that's still something I think you have to be really dedicated and intelligent to do) as well as the fact that I was literally the only male in my pre-calculus class in high school (the only advanced math or science course i ever took)

Race IAT wrote:
Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for Black people over White people.

This one i'm a little skeptical of, cause I have definitely caught myself being prejudiced to black people before, but at the same time i've noticed in my job that i don't feel as tense when black people walk towards the register because in my stereotyping mind i consider white people more likely to throw temper tantrums over prices or something, probably also due to the fact that so far the only people who've been rude to me at this job (this is the first customer-facing job i've ever held, by the way) have been old white men

Sexuality IAT wrote:
Your data suggest no automatic preference between Straight people and Gay people.

this one i totally expected :P

Weapons IAT wrote:
Your data suggest a strong automatic association for Harmless Objects with Black Americans and Weapons with White Americans.

again, moderately skeptical of this one since i have been prejudiced before, i think studying American history as well as seeing a lot of the current events with groups like neo-nazis and the alt-right had a lot to do with the result on this one though. this one is probably my most 'shocking' result :P

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Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:05 pm
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