What is Furs for Christ?

Furs for Christ is one of the oldest furry Christian communities on the internet, founded in 2005. It has been on several platforms but has continually operated since then. It’d be an honor to have you join with us!

What’s a furry?

A furry is a fan of anthropomorphic animals, meaning animals with human traits or humans with animal traits. You can read more on the topic on its Wikipedia page.

Can I join if I’m not a furry?


Can I join if I’m not a Christian?


What is Furs for Christ’s stance on [insert issue here]?

Furs for Christ is an ecumenical Christian community that brings together Catholics, Protestants, East Orthodox, and all sorts of other types of Christians, not to mention non-Christians. As such, FFC declines to take an official stance on denominations or any issues disagreed upon by different Christians. Staff members, as individuals, have beliefs on these topics, and are free to advocate for those beliefs, but they do not represent FFC on official capacity in doing so.

What is a staff member?

FFC is run by administrators. Our administrators are Furrhan, Ian McGecko, and Sleet.

Moderators have authority to enforce the rules on the forum in the same capacity as administrators (unless overruled).

Both administrators and moderators appear as “administrators” on the Telegram group.