General Rules (Both forum and telegram group rules)

  • This is a community for people ages 13 and older. By signing up you are confirming that you are at least 13 years old.

  • Please follow all local laws when using the forum and Telegram group.

  • No advertising. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis, but a rule of thumb is to not share things where you have something to gain from sharing them. When in doubt, ask a moderator or administrator.

  • Type coherently. Good English skills are not required in order to participate in this community, and we understand that not everyone will be able to type as well as they’d like. However, poor typing is not acceptable if the reason is laziness.

  • Keep it clean. Pornographic content is not allowed to be posted, whether on the forum, in the Telegram group, or as links. Swearing is only allowed when absolutely necessary (such as relevant quotes). Any foulmouthed, excessively violent, or tastefully nude/sexual links must have a sufficiently descriptive warning included.

  • Respect boundaries. Make sure to address people as they prefer to be addressed, and respect people’s moral choices they make for themselves even if you disagree those choices are necessary.

  • We are a Christian community. We formally endorse the teachings of Jesus Christ here. Everyone, regardless of religion, is welcome here, but if people prefer to discuss some things specifically among Christians, we ask that non-Christians respect that.

  • All views, no matter how contrary to one’s own, must be treated with respect. They may be debated in the appropriate place, however, and no views are off-limits for discussion. Please do not seek out individuals specifically to debate their beliefs unless they want to.

  • Do not argue with a moderator or administrator when they are speaking in that authority, such as when they are enforcing the rules. Outside of those times, moderators and administrators can be freely disagreed with (respectfully) just like any other user.

  • Infractions of the rules may be met with verbal warning, temporary ban, or permanent ban, depending on the severity. Individualized punishment may occur, but for the most part this is the progression that should be expected. Moderators and administrators reserve the right to ban a forum account, Telegram account, or both at our discretion.

Forum rules

  • Do not derail topics. Small tangents are acceptable but make sure to generally stick to the topic outlined in the original post. If you want to say something but there’s no appropriate topic for it, do not be afraid to make your own topic.

  • Use the Edit function. If you have to add something and nobody else has made a post since in that topic, you can edit your post rather than to make a new comment.

  • Keep hot-button issues in Serious Discussion. If there is any chance of a topic getting heated, it should be categorized as Serious Discussion. Note that this is not permission to actually GET heated.

  • Do not use someone else’s account without permission or without signifying who you are when you make a post.

Telegram group rules

  • No politics. While debate (in moderation) is welcome in the Telegram group, especially when discussing Christianity, we ask that political topics use the Politics category under Serious Discussion on the forum.

  • Administrators can stop topics. If a discussion is causing problems or has simply gone on for so long it’s choking out all other discussion, administrators reserve the right to ask for the discussion to move on. In such a case, nobody is entitled to get the last word in and additional messages on the topic are prone to being deleted without question.

  • Discuss, don’t just share. Constantly sharing links/pictures/videos/memes/etc. and never actually sticking around to talk them is disruptive.

  • Keep two-person conversations short. If only two people seem to be discussing something, consider moving it to a private discussion once it’s been going on long enough that it’s clear nobody else has anything to say on the topic.