A Common Furry Stereotype

Hey y’all! So, just a little heads up, this is a bit of a sensitive subject, but I wanted to address this because I’ve been wondering about it for quite some time now. So there’s a stereotype about furries out there, that is basically just “furries are fatherless.” I don’t know if you’ve ever been personally told this or have even heard of it, but yes, I’ve seen a lot of furries be called fatherless (amongst lots of other bad things, of course, but I’d like to focus on this one), myself included. Does this stereotype have any truth to it? I know that for myself, I actually am dealing with some issues with my father, and I’ve never had a good relationship with him. I used to go back and forth from my mother’s house to his when I was younger (from when I was about 4-10) and I had always been very reluctant to visit him. Now I don’t really talk to him and we don’t see each other any more. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence that I happen to have a rocky relationship with my father and that I became a furry or not :sweat_smile: Anyone else in the same boat? Lol

Who is calling furries “fatherless?” That’s such a weird thing to call someone.

If there’s any information on family structures it’d be on furscience.org.

That said, it comes across as people making two assumptions:

1.) Furries are bad

2.) It’s the role of a father to prevent children from “turning out bad”

Neither is correct. All parents play a role in raising children to be happy, healthy, and moral. The reason there are issues with many “fatherless” children isn’t because of anything uniquely male, but more that it’s much more common for fathers to abandon their children to be raised by a single mother than the other way around. And single parenting comes with a great deal of challenges that many parents aren’t up to.

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A troll actually implied my favorite furry streamer was fatherless during stream. This is not true; in fact, said streamer still spends time with his father.

I’ve never heard of that stereotype before. But if that really is the perception, I would hazard a guess that furries don’t have any more father issues than the average person does, but maybe they are more open about it and talk about it more when they do have those issues? But then it seems like furries are more open to talking about things in general.

Wow, thank you guys for all the insight! I was only wondering since a good number of furries that I know actually do have subpar relationships with their fathers, but so does, what, like 30-40% of people around my age? So yeah what y’all are saying makes sense. Thanks again, I’m glad I know a little more now. :slight_smile:

I would say furries likely have more parental issues in general than the average people, but that’s not really a causal relationship. I just think the furry fandom tends to attract the various types of outcasts.