Advent! (First Sunday!)

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent, the Sunday of Hope, where we look forward to Christ’s second coming!

How does Advent work at your church/family? My church uses special sung invocations each Sunday, and the one I grew up in had a big Advent wreath with a family coming up each week to light the candle(s) and read from the Bible. In my family, we had a little miniature 5-10 minute service we did together at home, after which we exchanged very small gifts. The bulletins are a little dated and heteronormative, but they’re from, like, the '50s. :stuck_out_tongue: We tend to just assign roles based on whatever, since our family isn’t as simple in structure as they seem to have assumed.

Also, since it’s confusing this year, an FYI: Christmas Eve is a Sunday, so 12/24 will be both Christmas Eve and the fourth Sunday in Advent. The way my church does it, you celebrate like it’s Advent until noon, and then celebrate like it’s Christmas Eve!