Crucifix vs Bare Cross

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Here’s a fun little topic I’ve never seen discussed here.

Which do you prefer? Which do you use yourself?

Personally I like the bare cross. I see it as a reminder, not just that Jesus died, but also that He beat death and was resurrected. I like the hope that gives. I have a simple white gold bare cross that I wear on a necklace and I have a little wooden bare cross above my bed.

I like the simplicity of it too. The church I grew up in had a very simple one that was literally two logs with a chunk hacked out of each so they’d fit together, held together with plain rope. It reminds me that Christianity is much simpler than people think. At the end of the day it’s about loving people. It’s as easy as that.

So what do you all think? Vote in the poll and post your thoughts below!

The poll needs a third option; : p what if you have no preference?

Hm, I really can’t say; they’re too different in application for me. The crucifix is a statue, like a little snapshot that reminds us of what God suffered for love of us. The bare cross is more of an emblem; as one of the crueller methods of execution it represents the hardhsips of life, but it also in the Christian viewpoint it also reminds us that even the most dire suffering can be overcome in God.

I don’t ever use the cross symbol at all. However I would prefer a bare cross because I generally don’t like seeing a picture of Jesus dead by himself. If it’s a bigger piece of art I might feel differently.

I like the bare cross. They’re both symbolic (that’s a model of Jesus, not the actual Jesus :P), but I feel like there’s more simplicity of design to the bare cross, not to mention the crucifix is kind of a grisly scene to see!

Nothing against it; it’s just my preference. And I recognize that some denominations give extra theological significance to the crucifix. More power to them!

The bare cross for sure. I just feel that though the simple pole one was the most common at that time the crucifix seems like it was the one used. I mean it does mentions it a cross, and that different then saying a wooden pole but could be wrong

My understanding was it was a horizontal board nailed to a tree or other bare pole.

Though I’m not sure about the tree part I doe know that some had a foot rest Plus they use the kind of wood that was ruff enough to give you splinters just something I wanted to add.

Well, I guess I prefer the bare cross, the only reason being that a crucifix is more Catholic (from what I understand) and I’m a protestant Christian (they’re also rather gruesome looking, wouldn’t you say? I mean no offense to people who prefer crucifixes). Other than that, I can see how both have symbolic meanings and such that differentiate them from one another. I don’t know a lot about types of Christianity other than the one I participate in, so I cannot say a lot in that matter, but that’s just my little preference. I’m interested to see others!