Diaper recycling?

I figured this topic wouldn’t be liked by all in the chat, so I bring it here.

As much as we use too much plastic ( I also need to change my habits), I am not a fan of banning plastic, mostly because of diapers. I don’t think forcing everyone to use reusable diapers is a good idea. This would make changing kids’ diapers become more of a pain. But I think it also especially disadvantages adults with bowel control issues because if away from home, they have to wash it away from home (which might still involve carrying it somewhere).

Asking any adults who like them to use only reusable ones ever again would be mentally upsetting, too.

I know the technology for diaper recycling exists; wouldn’t it be great for all the many babies and even the adults who need it? And also, wouldn’t it be great to urge all adults who use them to reject the cheap low-capacity brands? A lot more trash is created by using that.

Nobody is talking about banning all plastic, but rather on a case-by-case basis.

That said, cloth diapers are still a thing and are better when you have the ability to use them!