Furry Christian Group interviewed

I read an article where a large furry Christian group was interviewed. I also read a very charged opinion piece.

I’d like opinions from others on these articles and the issues discussed.

Original Article: When mixing faith with furries, things can get hairy

Opinion Article:

I think I’ve read this article before; not surprised at how snarky it is. I agree that churches should be more welcoming of LGBTQ+ people, though.

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Calling that second one an opinion article is kind of generous. That’s basically a hate blog. I don’t think it’s worth giving them more attention and traffic.

The first I think is a much more reasonable article. I think ultimately the community discussed has partially created its own conflicts (especially regarding how it has an “official” anti-LGBT+ stance, and treats nakedly hateful people as “equal but opposite” to LGBT+ affirming people, yet insists it isn’t anti-LGBT+), but all things considered I think it’s good when Christian furries can congregate regardless. We’re not this weird oxymoron some people assume we are. Usually that’s based on a narrow understanding of what a furry is or of what a Christian is.

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