Furry Conventions 2021 and Covid, are you going?

With the release of vaccines in the US for all eligible people over the age of 18, do you feel safe enough to go to conventions if they enforce vaccination passes?

Will you be attending any this year / next year?
Which conventions?

I’m going to be cautious about it, and wait and see how the pandemic goes, the policies of the conventions, etc. I do intend to go to MFF now that I’m going to live in Chicago, but it might have to wait another year depending on things!

If I can manage the time off I’m hoping to go to DenFur!

I’m going to FurDU from May 7-9 this year! It’s on the Gold Coast and we’re relatively safe in Australia. It’ll be a smaller con than usual though, plus social distanced and wearing masks so hopefully we’ll be okay. Plus the only people there will be from Australia and NZ because the borders are still closed to everywhere else. So chances of infection are slim.

I can’t wait! I’m pumped! It’s been far too long since I went to a con!

Normally I attend Anthrocon annually, but I haven’t because of Covid. I’ll try going next year to it, but at the absolute latest I’ll return to the scene in 2023.

AC’s kind of my second home, especially when I found out that if I take a train to Pittsburgh, it stops right behind the convention center :smiley:

I had hopes to go to Anthrocon 2020. Alas, that did not happen.
My hopes are to go to Anthrocon 2022.

I don’t think that I’ll be safe going to MFF 2021, but if things change between now and then, it is within the realm of possibility.
If my friends are there I am more likely to go.
I am vaccinated now so I think I can be safe. But I am willing to socially distance still.

I would have gone to AWU, but it was moved to 2022. I don’t want to go to DenFur in this case because while I am pro-mask, having to have it on during a con is really not fun. I wouldn’t want them to remove the policy, though, unless they had good reason to do so.

I’ve been considering BLFC this year because it’s later. It’s a bigger con, and who knows, some of my friends might come there, too. It would also be a great opportunity to try Amtrak, since by then, I may not have to have masks on. But if it’s going to feel restricted and I don’t have friends to be with, it probably isn’t going to be worth it. So far, I’ve gone to a con every year since 2017. If I don’t go in 2021, I’d break that streak. Really, it’s not vital that I keep that streak, but I’d like to.

I’ve also been considering Mephit Fur Meet as well. There is a friend I’ve never met in real life that is still planning to go there. It would also be my first time being in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Well… I found out that Anthrocon has been deferred to 2022 and will be virtual once again this year, so any form of conventions that I’d like to attend I think I’ll wait until next year for. I “may” be willing to try MFF as well ^-^

Im almost done with my vaccination and I really wanna go to mff this year. I’ll only really go if some of my friends are going. Other than that, I’m just gonna wait and go to TFF.

I was never enough of a furry to go to conventions even before the pandemic, so it’s safe to say I won’t be going to any this year either.

Yes I would be comfortable going to a convention with the proper protocols in place. Though I’m not thinking about it too much until we have confirmation that a convention is happening.

AFAIK, I know Megaplex is happening actually.

I’m really hoping MFF is still gonna be huge when it finally comes back!

I talked to my mother about going to the Motor City Furry Convention, but it’s 18+, and we can’t afford to travel anywhere where there’s a con or furmeet that allows people under 18, so alas, I will be unable to attend anything like that for now. If it weren’t for the age restrictions though, we would have been ok with going. If you are attending this year though, don’t forget to wear a mask! <3

You’ll get there! That’s super cool your mom was supportive, though!