Go Vote!

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 8, 2022, is the final day to vote in the 2022 United States midterm elections, during which American citizens can vote for members of congress and the senate. Some of you also will have gubernatorial races, and there are many local and state positions on your ballots as well.

I urge you to vote. Participatory democracies only work if people actually participate in them, and disillusionment only works in favour of interests that would otherwise want to further make a country less democratic.

America currently finds its democracy under threat. Claims that the 2020 election was the result of fraud have undermined confidence in the process, resulted in violent threats to poll workers, and cast the current administration as illegitimate to many who now call for violence. Claims of 2020 voter fraud have no good evidence, but the have been accepted as true by roughly seventy percent of Republican voters, according to recent polling [Most Republicans still falsely believe Trump’s stolen election claims. Here are some reasons why. - Poynter]. One in three GoP candidates running for statewide offices that would oversee or certify election results have expressed support in overturning the 2020 election results [Nearly 1 in 3 Republican candidates for statewide office support false election claims | PBS NewsHour].

We should all have a deep love for the truth, for democratic freedoms, and for freedom from persecution, and for the well-being of one another. It is unfortunate that the Grand Old Party has decided none of these things are particularly important to them.

Good luck voting tomorrow!