Hypnosis for Scripture

Very odd topic that came back to me recently. Fortunately I can keep this one fairly short. I have very very very bad and chronic memory issues. Normally I can work around it, but now that I’ve begun actively reading the Bible again as I correct my walk with Jesus (after 3 long depressive years), I’m quickly discovering that I cannot retain any of the Scriptures I read. Maybe I’ll get lucky and recall “Oh yeah, Jesus said a parable about a king or something.”, but to me that’s not good enough to get closer to Him with.

So I’ve been considering trying to use hypnotism to really engrain what I read into my mind, and hopefully get around the memory and cognitive deficit (also I should mention, I’ve been actively seeking medical help to no avail- this was not my first choice). However, I have the usual reservations (if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here asking for advice ahaha)- specifically that I know many people are afraid of hypnosis or believe it’s a Satanic practice. I’ve tried looking into these claims, but never actually find anything. I’ve done plenty of my own research into the science though, and I don’t really feel convicted to steer clear, so I wanted to ask for opinions on the matter.

(P.S., Toby Mac’s ever popular song “Lose My Soul” has a short verse about being hypnotized by God’s light, so… make of that what you will ahaha)

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I’d recommend listening to it as you sleep - I’ve noticed an interesting change in my own dreams whenever I listen to the scriptures as I sleep, and the stories become easier to recall. Of course, I’m a light sleeper, so maybe I’m semi-conscious for the parts I do remember.

Not quite hypnosis, but it’s fairly close - and, when accompanied by prayerful and intentional study, it might help with memorization.

You could also try writing down scriptures that pop out at you and the impressions you feel when you read them. Writing things down helps write information into our long-term memory, and rereading what you wrote can help as well - plus you’ll have a record of inspirational moments from God (though, you may want to stick to simple doctrinal truths: “God loves me and I can talk to Him” and “Jesus knows exactly how I’m feeling” for instance).

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I don’t think hypnosis is fundamentally anti-Christian, but I’d still be skeptical if a practitioner wants to suggest supernatural effects.

Do you have ADHD, by chance? I know that makes reading a challenge for a lot of people.

But even still, the fact that you engage with the Bible is a good thing, even if you struggle to remember. Reading the Bible is, in and of itself, a holy act. It’s not like it’s studying for a test.

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Like 99% sure I have ADHD. Stack chronic brain fog and memory loss on top of it and I feel like trying to read the Bible is a losing battle. Very disheartening since I crave the scriptures, and my brain basically keeps vomiting them out like anything else.

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