If YOU were a video game boss... (theme music)

As the title suggests, if YOU (likely your sona or RL you if you wish!) were a boss fight in a video game and the player eventually had to fight you how would your boss fight be like and what music would we hear playing as the fight would proceed?

I’ll begin, and as Reg is… essentially a Red Mage class of sorts, he would excel in long ranged magic, close range magic, close range melee, long ranged melee, and really fast reflexes and flight speed. The best way to find an opening to attack him is if you make him angry he’ll fly into a fit of rage where he loses his self control, when he does this he leaves himself extremely vulnerable to attacks from all angles. So once that opening presents itself, that’s your chance to combo him!

This is one of my favorite boss themes ever, so I’d choose this as the theme that would play L'Impeto Oscuro Kingdom hearts Dream Drop Distance Young Xehanort Theme - YouTube

Presumably it’d be something very orchestral and epic yet bizarrely genre-crossing. :3 Definitely rock and jazz elements.

Right on Sleet!

How would your boss fight look too? I have a feeling from what I saw of you in Dark Souls I’d guess you’d be a ranged magic caster, no? :3

If I were a video game boss, I’d want something like this as my theme: Sold Out [1979] - A Grain Of Salt - YouTube Couldn’t find that version of the song by itself so I timestamped the right song in the video. It’s the perfect blend of bluegrass, gunfighter style ballad, and Sci-fi. It would probably be the kind of fight where you scramble about trying to build something to destroy the boss while he shoots a barrage of lasers at you.

It’s a really fun cover of Ghost Riders In the Sky.