Insider - Christians criticizing Jesus

Insider has an article here about a Church official that has been approached by pastors who are telling them that after preaching the “Sermon on the Mount.”

The official goes on to explain that some feel that Jesus’s teachings are too weak now. I am interested in learning more about the implications of this feeling for Christianity as a movement. What does it mean when the teachings of one of the central figures to a religion is seen as too weak?

The article is fairly short, so please read the whole article before commenting.


I think it means they’re not following Jesus anymore. If they don’t like “woke” and His teachings are too “woke” for them, they’re just conservative bigots at that point.

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It’s a pretty big example of idolatry. You find something other than Christ to center your identity (specifically the “macho”-style variety of American conservatism) and Christ gets pushed out. This can happen even with more intrinsically-benign idols, but this is the double whammy of both being an idol and being intrinsically toxic. :confused: