Jackbox-like game idea: Unpopular Opinions!

I have an idea for a Jackbox-like game, and I’m wondering what you think of it! Specifically, (1) is there already another game that’s very similar to it (I can see some similarities to Split the Room, but also some key differences), and (2) what do you think of the game itself? Does it sound fun? Do you see any potential flaws that should be fixed? Any suggestions to make it better?

The game is called Unpopular Opinions! The point is to answer prompts about some things that you like that might be unexpected, unique, or otherwise different from what’s popular. It’s easy to jump on the anti-bandwagon and razz on things that everyone else seems to love. So instead, challenge yourself to think about things that you like that others around you aren’t so crazy about. To be clear, we’re talking about unironic enjoyment; things that you genuinely like, not merely because you enjoy poking fun at it. Also, it’s meant to be a fun, good-natured, “get to know you” kind of game, not one for sparking controversy.

For example, potential prompts could include:

  • What’s a movie that was panned by critics, but that you love to watch?
  • What’s a food or drink that you enjoy, but that is largely disliked by others?
  • What’s a song you love to listen to that others can’t stand?
  • What’s an activity that you find fun or relaxing that others find boring or unpleasant?
  • What’s an animal you would love to have as a pet that most others would consider a pest?
  • Etc.

Everybody is given a prompt, and then answers it in secret. (Some players might get the same prompt, or maybe everyone gets a different one. I haven’t decided that detail yet. It probably largely depends on how many such prompts I can come up with.) The goal is to come up with an answer that is “unpopular”. But, you don’t want it to be so unpopular that nobody would ever agree with you. This is to prevent someone from deliberately choosing an answer that is categorically ridiculous.

After all answers are submitted, each prompt is displayed with the player’s answer (without the player’s name). Then, every other player marks Yes or No. Yes means you share the same unpopular opinion. No means you do not.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • If everybody said Yes, then your opinion was not unpopular enough. Nobody scores any points.
  • If everybody said No, then your opinion was too unpopular. You get no points, while everyone else scores 50 points each.
  • In any other case, you score 100 points for each No vote, while everyone else who voted Yes scores 50 points each.

(The points system is to encourage players to be honest, rather than voting strategically just to try and make someone else lose. If you can think of a better way to distribute the points, let me know!)

Please share your feedback, or if anything needs clarifying! I may even host a game on discord just using a google doc or something to display questions/answers.

The more I think about it, the more this seems pretty much like Split the Room, but with a different scoring structure. :sweat_smile: Instead of scoring the most for splitting the audience as closely to even as possible, you get more points for having fewer people agree with you (but at least one). I still think it might be an interesting take on it though.

I think it’s still a reasonable game structure! The only concern I have with it is how many prompts you could come up with!