Lent 2023

Hello! Even though we’re over a week into Lent, I think it’s a great time to start a Lent thread. For those who observe Lent, what are y’all giving up?

For me, I gave up Twitter and Facebook. I thought giving up Twitter was going to be hard, because that’s where I post art and interesting things. It’s also where I get my news on Religion and Politics. But now that I have given it up, and I’m not constantly bombarded by bad news, I haven’t felt this good in ages. I don’t think I will be going back on Easter. I do feel a bit guilty about this, because I feel like I’m just putting myself in a “filter bubble” by not seeing bad news, but honestly, is being “informed” worth it when it’s just gonna make you constantly feel miserable, anxious, and depressed?

Since giving up Twitter doesn’t feel like a sacrifice anymore, I’ve also given up fast food. I do have a bad habit of eating it often.

Lent is going well so far; I set the screen time for this game Dicey Dungeons to 0:00 per day and I haven’t felt the urge to turn it off and play.

But I seem to have substituted one addiction for another by binge watching Taskmaster, soooooo… :sweat_smile:

I gave up passive social media use. I’ll use a site if I’m specifically looking for something, but not just to entertain myself.