Lent 2024

This year I’ve decided to give up playing games on my phone! Most of the ones I play are word or trivia games, so they’re at least good for my brain. But they still eat up a lot of time I could be spending reading, especially the Bible.

I might give up sugary drinks for Lent this year. It’s something I drink a lot of without thinking and I think it would help me focus on what’s a blessing in my life to be without!

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I hope it goes well for you! Does that include putting sugar in your coffee?

I don’t drink coffee so that makes that question easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

How the heck do you have so much energy for those long hospital shifts?

The guy who invented residency did a bunch of cocaine! :smiley:

Though I drink soda sometimes, but mostly just try to make sure I get enough sleep.

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