Men's Health

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month, sometimes called Movember or No Shave November to raise awareness. This includes physical health, like cancer. Here are some statistics:
Testicular cancer is the #1 cancer for young men aged 15 to 34.
1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

This also includes mental health and suicide prevention.
Here is a concerning statistic:
4 out of 5 people that take their own life are male.
Does anyone have any thoughts as to why this is?

I wonder if it has to do with traditional gender roles. Men are often expected to be strong, independent individuals who aren’t “allowed” to talk about our feelings. Some studies also factor in impulsiveness, and higher alcohol and gun use.

I hope we can spread the word that it’s OK for guys to open up and get help for our issues! We need better coping mechanisms.

I think that could be part of it, that there is a stigma around men sharing about their struggles, including mental health.

I hadn’t thought about higher gun use amongst men. Guns are used in half of all suicides so that could also be a factor.

I think the main thing is definitely men not being encouraged to handle their emotions well. It’s harder to get help when you’re expected to be stoic, and any expression other than rage and violence is met with scorn and mockery.