Midwest FurFest 2021!

That is 12/3 to 12/5 this year in Rosemont, Illinois (basically Chicago). It’s now the biggest furry convention in the world! I’m going to try to make it! Who else is?

(Note: Please make sure to be safe regarding COVID precautions both in travel and at the convention. Make sure you’re vaccinated ahead of time; if you do it now, you should be immune just about in time.)

I’ll be going! Is @TomIsAwesome?

Maybe. It’s the weekend right after Thanksgiving where I’m hoping he’ll be coming to visit me, so it might be rough to do two weekends in a row.

Wish I could go! But it’s several hours away from where I live and it probably doesn’t allow minors there anyway. But still, hope you and whoever else is going has tons of fun!

It does allow minors, I believe! Most furry conventions are all ages, but they do require parental permission, I believe, and obviously there are parts that minors are not allowed in due to having inappropriate artwork and stuff there.

From my experience, those parts aren’t hard to avoid anyway!

Yeah, I was actually talking to my mother about attending a convention that’s not too far away from here, and she said that she would see about the costs and everything. The costs weren’t too bad and she said the answer would probably be yes if nothing came up. But I did some more reading about it and as it turned out, minors weren’t (and still aren’t) allowed to go :< I wasn’t able to find another convention close enough for us to go to, so no cons for me for another handful of years lol.

Awww… Keep looking! You never know when a convention will start. It’s cool your mom is willing to do that, though! Mine wouldn’t dream of it. But I saw quite a few parents with kids at MFF!

How was it? Did y’all meet up for dinner or something?

Were there any Christian panels/events?

It was really great! :slight_smile: I hung out with Flame and his friends most of the time (and saw Fen too!)

There weren’t. :frowning: We really gotta get a bigger representation at future conventions! But I know COVID makes it harder to get people out to conventions, which means some events are going to not make it that usually might.