Midwest FurFest 2021!

That is 12/3 to 12/5 this year in Rosemont, Illinois (basically Chicago). It’s now the biggest furry convention in the world! I’m going to try to make it! Who else is?

(Note: Please make sure to be safe regarding COVID precautions both in travel and at the convention. Make sure you’re vaccinated ahead of time; if you do it now, you should be immune just about in time.)

I’ll be going! Is @TomIsAwesome?

Maybe. It’s the weekend right after Thanksgiving where I’m hoping he’ll be coming to visit me, so it might be rough to do two weekends in a row.

Wish I could go! But it’s several hours away from where I live and it probably doesn’t allow minors there anyway. But still, hope you and whoever else is going has tons of fun!

It does allow minors, I believe! Most furry conventions are all ages, but they do require parental permission, I believe, and obviously there are parts that minors are not allowed in due to having inappropriate artwork and stuff there.

From my experience, those parts aren’t hard to avoid anyway!