Musical Act Names

Hello everyone! Fun general question for today.

If you decided to make a band/musical act, what would you name the act, and why?

To start, I’ve been thinking of starting to write music, and I believe I’ve settled on the name “Then We’ll Go Dancing,” which is in reference to one of my favorite songs. The song and line symbolize the drive to find hope and peace despite chaos and hardship, and I think it speaks a lot to my life and who I am as a person.

(1) After The Bombs - YouTube

Excited to hear your band names!

I’ve daydreamed for years of being in a synth pop band called RGB. There would be 3 of us, each wearing some kinda suit of a different color (Red, Green, Blue) that makes up electronic displays.

More recently I’ve wanted to be in an all-furry Renaissance/Medieval Faire kinda band called Nottingham, named after the town from Robin Hood. We’d have a bagpiper, fiddler, maybe a hammer dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy and some kinda lute (guitar, mandolin, bouzouki) player in there, along with a few drummers.

I’ve technically made one song (won’t share it!) under the “stage name” of Shiloh Graves. If I made a band, though, it would largely depend on the genre!

Also, RGB is a great name for a synth pop band!

I’ve gone through a few different names for my music, but I’ve always fallen back on my real name.

For about a year I made music based on a nickname I had in high school, “angel” (even back then I was sort of the ‘sweet’ one of the group). But I’ve always found it awkward and impersonal to share, almost a bit pretentious.
It sucks because I do often want to share my music with my furry friends online but also feel abashed about sharing my personal identity.

I don’t even really like my name very much and I’ve honestly wondered a bit about changing my name, so we’ll see what the future holds.

Kairus, clearly.

Thanks, I’m glad you like it!

I also come up with ideas for cover bands sometimes. One is an all-ukulele Beatles cover band called The Fleas and another is a bluegrass/folk tribute to Kraftwerk called Woodwerk.

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Here’s a few band names I came up with:
Eschatological Sabbatical (a band made out of Seminary students taking a gap year)
The King’s Toupee (an Elvis cover band)
Mack Donaldson and the EI EI Yokels (plays bluegrass childrens’ music)
Gollum and the Chipmunks (an ambitious collaboration featuring songs like “My Friend the Witch-king of Angmar” and “Precious, Precious time is here”)

Ecru Landcruiser (just sounded like a good band name)

Well, once, when I was around 7, I tried to make a song (only made it to the first verse lol) called Splashes of Color. It really didn’t have any significant meaning. I guess it was basically about how there’s creativity and inspiration in the world, and whoever I, as the singer, was supposed to be, was only just discovering all of the amazing works of the arts the world has to offer. But I named it “Splashes of Color” because those were a few of the words that I’d written in a single line of the song xD

That’s a pretty name though! Not every song needs to have a deeply meaningful name. :stuck_out_tongue:

She Likes Cloth. Yeah, that’s a good band name.

No actually. I don’t know what I would do.

Now there’s an old reference. I approve! :3

If I ever formed a band… I would probably name it “Smash It With a Hammer” or some other Emperor’s New Groove reference :joy:

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