My Little Pony G5 speculation

Let’s Talk MLP G5 theories! I’m just gonna start writing my thoughts and hope this goes somewhere.

Firstly, the summary for the movie sounds a lot like the brony fandom. In a world where the magic seems gone, a few weirdos try to show everyone that friendship is awesome. I love that the writers seem to be catering to that side of the fandom.

Magic may be gone from Equestria at the beginning of the movie, but I can’t imagine it will stay gone for long; That would make for quite the gutsy move on the part of the writers. Also, what’s the point of being a unicorn if no magic is involved?

I’m liking the designs for most of the characters, but I am concerned that Zipp petals could turn out a bit flat. The writers just need to be sure that she’s more than just a rainbow dash clone. Having her be Pipp’s sister is a good start.

People have theorized that discord could be in G5, but I highly doubt he will be a big part of it. Discord’s powers are simply a nightmare to write stories with because unless there’s some sort of magical cancelling thing going on, Discord can do literally anything. and when there is magical cancelling, he’s no help at all. Also, if magic is gone from Equestria at the start of the movie, can Discord even exist? Also, what the heck would discord look like in the new animation style?

I think there has to some significance to the fact that both Izzy’s horn and Pipp’s wings are greyish. Maybe because magic is gone?

I want to point out that the scene of Sunny and Izzy with the two pegasus guards takes place in an elevator, probably taking them to Cloudsdale or a similar pegasus city.

Izzy’s Tennis ball is probably a safety precaution to make sure she doesn’t poke anyone (or anything) as they visit the ponies in Cloudsdale. If magic is gone, it could be that Cloudsdale is now being held up by balloons, making it doubly important to cover any sharp things. However, it would be fun to learn that Izzy simply has a habit of carrying things by impaling them on her horn, or that perhaps she provided the tennis ball herself.

What do y’all think of all this?

I really, really doubt that magic is actually gone. It’s probably just forgotten or something like that. Especially since whatever is gone is probably the friendship variety of magic, whereas Discord’s chaos magic can obviously exist without that considering, yaknow, his debut.

I think the tennis ball could also just be a thing that got stuck there out of clumsiness, or perhaps it’s there to stop some type of malfunctioning magic.

What I really want to know is how long after Friendship is Magic it takes place. Did Twilight have to watch all her friends die? :stuck_out_tongue:

According to one of the writers, no.

Clearly this means that Twilight will die first. :stuck_out_tongue:

The trailer just dropped! My Little Pony: A New Generation | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

I think it looks… okay. It has potential for a lot of charm, but I’m not sold just yet. I’ll definitely be seeing it, though! Fingers crossed!

Yeah, I’ll be watching it too. I like how it doesn’t seem super feminine like all other MLP incarnations (the overtly girly backgrounds of FiM are one of my only hangups with G4) but at the same time, it has a lot of “Animated Film Based on a Well Known Classic Property” vibes, a la Wreck-It Ralph or the Lego Movie. And I liked both of those movies, but I don’t know if it’ll work for My Little Pony. Nevertheless, I’m going in with an open mind, and I welcome the chance to start fresh on a new generation of MLP since G4 ended by the time I showed any interest. Big bummer it’s not gonna be in theaters though.

Man, I liked the soft colors and thick, clean lines of G4. This visual style is far less iconic (it’s pretty generic) but it looks good at least! Not everything needs to reinvent the wheel.

Okay the one thing that doesn’t look good is Zipp’s mane bothers me. :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing’s for sure; My Little Pony is definitely iconic by now. It’s more than a toy line, it’s an institution of American pop culture, right up there with Mickey Mouse, Raggedy Anne, the Simpsons, Star Wars, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, Peanuts, and Sesame Street.

And the movie is out! :smiley: I watched it and I really enjoyed it! It wasn’t perfect (I didn’t really get a good feel for who the pegasi princesses are, and why did nobody face consequences?), but the characters were charming, the writing wasn’t insulting to the intelligence of adult viewers, and I enjoyed the worldbuilding. I really liked the different visual aesthetics of the three main cultures (the pegasi’s Art Deco Roman thing looks great), and Hitch’s birds and crab were super adorable.