Pastor accuses people with autism of demonic possession

There is just so much wrong with this sermon that pastor Greg Locke preached!

While I personally believe in demonic possession, I also believe there can be rational, scientific explanations for certain behaviors and conditions. Locke takes this even further by saying that because it’s not in the Bible, it’s not a real disease and, therefore, is some kind of demonic activity.

There are many things not named in the Bible that we know, nonetheless, are real. Ebola, photosynthesis, bipolar, diabetes, gravity…we need to call out this false teaching!

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Following his logic, any other unmentioned brain disorder, or even brain defects and brain damage are all demonic possession simply because they aren’t talked about in the Bible (that I know of). I also believe in demonic possession; however, I don’t believe in what Pastor Greg Locke has claimed.

Man, imagine thinking the Bible is an exhaustive list of diseases…

I do not believe demonic possession is real, but Greg Locke is a dork and people who accept his hateful and twisted ignorance will face serious life consequences for it. :confused:

That’s terrible, heck I’m autistic

Well if you read the Bible then you know demonic possession is real, though probably not in the way this pastor thinks it is.

I have read the Bible.

Absolutely, this Greg Locke guy is just flat out lying to the public. His tone of voice is also a red flag, too. When the apostle Paul talked about the values of charity, he mentioned things in 1 Corinthians 13 like “doth not behave unseemly” and “is not easily provoked.”

Yeah it’s ridiculous to claim that people with autism are all posessed. Or am I suddenly cured of my Type 1 Diabetes (pretty much what Ian said above) because that’s not mentioned in the bible either. When people asked Jesus, “Was this man born blind because of his sin or the sin of his parents?” Jesus made it clear that the man’s blindness was to give God glory.

Although my diabetes sucks, it has strengthened my relationship with God. I’d never heard from God in my prayers before a whole slew of low blood sugar issues were making me horribly depressed and I was starting to think about suicide. I was asking God “Why do I even exist if I’m just miserable?” I believe I heard God say calmly “You are special, you are mine.” I haven’t heard God directly in prayer again, to my memory anyway, but diabetes and all it’s problems are worth it just for that. I don’t care if you think it really happened to me, but it was real to me.

I don’t really know a whole lot about autism in particular, despite my mom telling me once that she thinks I’m on the spectrum a little bit. But God can somehow use it for his glory if he can with something like blindness or diabetes.

I also love how The Chosen tv show portrays Matthew as autistic. Giving a person from the bible a common modern day problem like that helps in it’s realism. The Chosen is one of those shows that speculates in between the real events recorded in scripture, but it’s done it in a pretty respectful way so far.

Hey, I’m Autistic too!