Pineapple on Pizza?

The title is self explanatory.

The survey is still wrong. No one should put Pineapple on their pizza.
I’ll take a good veggie supreme pizza any day!

As long as the crust is thick and the sauce isn’t sweet, pineapple can go great on pizza with ham or whatever! If it’s thin crust, the pineapple chunks weigh down the slice.

I do not like it one bit. But if other people do, more power to them!

Pineapple off of pizza, however, is great.

Funnily enough, pizza is one of the few places I actually eat pineapple. Although even that is rare.

Pineapples are my favorite fruit, and I love pizza. But I won’t mix the two XP

There are times when I get a craving for that specific combination of tangy pineapple and mellow tomato juice. you simply can’t dispose of that combination without losing something essential in your diet!

Pineapple and ham pizza is…alright. I can eat it if there’s no other pizza available, but I would prefer almost any other flavor.

Wait, tomato juice? What pizza blasphemy is this?

oh my bad, I meant sauce.

I’ll forgive it just this once. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I like the sauce a bit tangier in the first place. Maybe that contributes to why I don’t like pineapple on pizza!

I think pizza is better without pineapple. I don’t mind the pineapple, but it generally has canadian bacon with it, and I’m a vegetarian myself. With just pineapple it tastes alright, but I prefer just plain old cheese pizza.

It’s great that this is in serious discussion! :rofl:

I’m pretty indifferent to it, but I guess I prefer pineapple off of my pizza. I wouldn’t go and spend the extra money to get pineapple on my pizza lol, but if I were at some kind of event that had only pineapple pizza as the food option, I’d eat it without an issue UwU

I’m not a fan but for me it’s more a texture thing than a taste thing. I don’t mind the flavour but I find the pineapple, when cooked on a pizza, can get fibrous and I hate the feel of that.