Pokemon Trainers Unite!

This is just a little thing for fun, but if YOU had to live in the Pokemon world, what region would you live in? ALSO why would you live there, is there some kind of draw to it you like or maybe a personal connection of sorts?

Johto has always been one of my favorite Pokemon regions, Hoenn would be my second. My reasons being that Johto always had a strong pull for me as a region, something I felt like I could click well with (Plus its Lugia’s home turf so yeah). Hoenn I actually LIKE all of the water segments that it has despite everyone actually complaining about them. Once you get to those parts its like a feeling of openness and freedom, the endless waters ahead is now your journey.

  • Kanto
  • Johto
  • Hoenn
  • Sinnoh/Hisui
  • Unova
  • Kalos
  • Alola
  • Galar
  • Orange Islands (Anime only)
  • Orre (Pokemon Colosseum and XD)
  • Other

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I’d probably want to live in Unova because it’s most familiar to me as an American! Plus, to be honest, there aren’t that many differences between the regions!

At least Unova in Black and White 2 had more distinction to it! I hated Unova in the first set of games though because it just felt boring in terms of design imo!

Despite my first Pokémon game being Sapphire, I have to go with Quagsire Land