Project Corundum: Worldbuilding

Project Corundum is a game series I have been wanting to create for a long, long time, about a cat who wishes to rule the world, his childhood friend who is now way into democracy, and a plot by the newly reformed government of Canada. The main reason I have not realized it is that I cannot afford programmers and artists. But then, I realized, while I may not have any idea how to code properly, or draw art that makes it obvious what it is (for example, take a guess at what my profile picture is, not even I know), I can write, so that’s what I’m doing here, writing down the history and content of this fictional world.

While the world is inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, most of the history is quite the same, only once the cold war began did things really start to change
Chapter 1: The Third Nuclear Strike
JANUARY 20, 1961
It was a cold day all over the United States, and yet many people were gathered outside, for it was the inauguration of a new president, a lynx named Lukas Ice, he wasn’t sure how he managed it, he wasn’t even part of a major political party, he only ran because he lost a bet against his nephew.
"George Washington once said that having a system of a few major political parties would be very, very bad for our country, thank you all for realizing that, and appointing me for president.
“Growing up, I honestly wasn’t much of a leader, the only time I did any sort of leadership role was as the secretary of the uhh… teacher’s quorum of my church ward, for about one year, then I moved. But I promise I will do my best to be more than just a footnote in the history books! Now, James, hello, James, is my inauguration speech long enough now?”
Legend has it that there was a sniper across from the capitol who put down his gun, thinking ‘why bother, he’ll get himself killed soon enough’. It arguably would’ve been better if he had taken the shot.
The United States went down to DEFCON-1 in a matter of minutes. A nuclear detonation had just occurred in North Carolina, and President Ice ignored the Vice President’s warning of it likely being an accidental detonation of a US nuke.
“Silence, James, we just experienced a nuclear strike, we have to launch now before they send more!” and so he did, in only 2 hours after the initial detonation, 15 US nukes were detected by Russian radar, and they retaliated by launching the yet untested Tsar Bomba, but underestimated the fuel required to send it all the way to the US, and the jet carrying the Tsar Bomba ending up switching targets to London, sucessfully detonating somewhere between 5-8 hours after the initial detonation.

Fun fact, the nuclear detonation in North Carolina is based of an actual event, in which a US bomber crashed near Goldsboro, NC with a payload of 2 ~3-4 megaton nukes, while in real life, neither bomb detonated (though one was recorded to be quite close to detonation), that would be boring in fiction.

Chapter 2: Aftermath
The devastation caused by the Tsar Bomba was immense, causing the death of most major political leaders of Britain. But that would not be it, for in Russia, the military leaders, in sudden mass panic, launched as many nukes as they could, however, many of the nukes ended up detonating over Russia, and everything ended in the span of three days.
On February 1, President Ice resigned, but not before going live on television to tell of the event’s to the American people
“It all started on the twenty third of January, when a US plane crashed near Goldsboro, NC, carrying a nuclear bomb which detonated, however, I quickly assumed it was a Russian strike, and ‘retaliated’ with 15 nuclear warheads, which were detected by the Russians, and they retaliated by launching what is called the Tsar Bomba, an experimental, and extremely powerful, nuclear bomb, this crisis made me realize that I am not the right man for the job, in case such another calamity were to happen, maybe even on US soil, but it’s over now, the cold war is history, for that’s the truth of nuclear war, it’s tension, build-up, and release. And to you, James Skye, I wish you good luck on your term as president, farewell, you all likely won’t see me again.”
On February 12, he moved to Alaska for the remainder of his life.