Raven Heart by Kyan Pennell

I wanted to share “Corvus Cor”, Raven Heart by Kyan Pennell with you all. Kyan was a musical prodigy who taught himself piano. Tragically he passed away in an accident two weeks ago at just 12 years old. He left this piece of music written in a notebook and his family found it. They couldn’t read music so they asked the internet to play the piece and to finish it for them, in line with Kyle’s vision of it being orchestrated with strings and wind instruments. It was completed in time to be played at his funeral.

I feel his legacy and his memory deserve to live on and be honoured.

Rest well, Kyan.

A second version, this time with full orchestra

That’s so beautiful that they did that!

It kind of makes it even more tragic. He obviously had a lot of potential we’ll never get to see grow. :frowning: