Share your favorite game music!

Do you have a favorite background theme or even a boss theme from a video game? Share here!

One of my personal favorites is from Dragalia due to how chaotic sounding it is by nature.

Ah man, I have a lot! But a lot of them are really commonplace ones. Gusty Garden Galaxy? One-Winged Angel?

But one favorite of mine that isn’t talked much is the score of the Phantasy Star Online series. These two boss battle themes are favorites of mine!

oooh here’s another one I really love, from Kingdom Hearts. The song is “The Encounter”, probably one of my favorite boss themes I’ve heard to date.

Reason I’m sharing this is because of the context of it, especially the boss fight with Scar. The boss theme was perfectly executed on this IMO.

So I quite like Final Destination from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Let’s just say this piece shows that Hirokazu Ando had classical training.

I didn’t actually know that! That’s really cool.

Super Smash Bros. just has amazing music across the board, really. New music and remixes of old music alike.

The Super Smash Bros. Brawl main theme gave me chills when I first heard it.