Should Fauci be trusted?

So I have no clue if this is real or not, but recently Dr. Fauci was accused of inhumane experiments on dogs. I also think of the reports that the NIH funded experiments in Wuhan China about the coronavirus. I realize that though he’s affiliated with the NIH, that it’s possible he was kept in the dark about the Wuhan research, but I don’t think it’s likely considering that Fauci’s supposed to be a leader of the corona task force(or whatever it’s being called now). All media has a bias, and someone’s political view interprets what we learn for better or worse. I personally think he can’t be trusted. I also admit that I don’t do a very good job of following things like this. This topic isn’t about whether or not vaccines are safe or effective, it’s just about whether Dr. Anthony Fauci himself should be trusted. Is the puppy experiment thing a red herring type fallacy or does it say something? On one hand “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.” (Luke 16:10) but on the other hand there’s nothing actually morally wrong with experiments on animals. Or is there? (experiments on animals and if that’s moral could be an interesting future topic) This particular experiment sounds especially cruel if it is true, but maybe it’s fake. Is it a coincidence that Disney releases a movie where Cruella DeVil is the hero and fairly soon afterward releases a documentary praising Fauci? Yes. And that was a terrible attempt at humor. What are your thoughts about Fauci?

I do think it’s worth making sure we’re clear about one thing: regardless of the personal traits of Anthony Fauci, it’s worth noting that the following things are established:

1.) COVID is very dangerous.

2.) The best way to avoid getting and spreading COVID is to get vaccinated against it.

3.) The vaccine is safe, effective, and free.

4.) Outside of the vaccine, wearing a mask in public and social distancing are effective strategies for lowering the risk of catching or spreading COVID.

When it comes to what we should do, personally, we should remember that even if Fauci were a literal child-murdering neo-Nazi, this wouldn’t change one bit about what we should do. This is important because from the very beginning there has been a dishonest effort to discredit Anthony Fauci as an attempt to fight back against anti-COVID precautions. But it’s not good to play that game: We should get vaccinated, wear masks, wash hands, and socially distance not because of anything to do with Anthony Fauci being a hero or anything, but because that’s what we have found is effective in saving lives and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

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