Species Change Week 2022 - May 1st - May 7th

I’m surprised nobody made a thread ahead of time! :open_mouth:

This year I’m gonna be a gryphon! Chirp!

(As usual I barely commission art for my fox form let alone a one-week-only version. But please make sure to credit the artist whenever you use something someone already made! This was done by Unimpressive.)

'Sup party peeps! Meet Suka! Idk why, but I’ve had the idea for a pink eagle/badger hybrid for a while, so here she is, lol! Fun fact, she’s my first female OC, not counting comic characters.

I consider this to be Suka’s theme song. :smile:

I’m Lactosus of Borg. I’ve been assiMOOlated.


(Or, sorry, moo!)

My friend Larcen recently finished the full version of my SCW yote, Guac the burrito chef!