Species Change Week 2023

So, what are you guys turning into for Species Change Week 2023 from May 7-13?

I’m gonna be a beaver. I asked one of my friends what I’d be if he chose my species based on my looks, and he said beaver. So, I got it commissioned by Bleuxwolf on Twitter. Here’s a WIP!

Also, I’ve noticed that the only people I know who do Species Change Week are FFC members. Not that I’m complaining, it’s a fun tradition we have!

IIRC, SCW is the first full week of May (7-13).

But I’m going to be a red-eyed tree frog!

Edited! :grin:

But a red-eyed tree frog is PERFECT for you, Ian.

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Awww, heck! :blush:

Aww, I like both of those! Your beaver version looks great, James!

Tom and I are going with fictional critters this year! I’m going to be a displacer beast from Dungeons & Dragons!