The War in Ukraine

On February 24th, 2022 Russian forces began an invasion of the nation of Ukraine with the goals of overthrowing its government and installing a puppet with the end goal of wiping out Ukrainian statehood. For over a month fighting has been bloody with civilians being forced to flee as either IDP’s or refugees and in many cases being purposefully targeted.

What are y’alls thoughts on what should be done to either help people or to end the war? What about views on the broader religious implications involving the Russian Orthodox Church? is a good way to keep track of the conflict.

It’s really hard, because obviously they deserve more support than they’re given, but if they get too much direct help from NATO, it could lead to massive escalations which could potentially go nuclear which would endanger Ukrainians even further AND people outside Ukraine as well. :confused: There’s no perfect solution. I’m praying for a swift defeat of the Russian forces, ideally with as few lives lost as possible.

I’m also very disappointed in the ROC. I mean no disrespect to the East Orthodox wing of Christianity (even if I’m not a part of it), but that particular denomination of it is very much in Putin’s pocket. I hope the true believers among them can find Christ even among the evil political entanglement.

I felt like I should reply to this with what flashed on my Twitter feed.

I actually have a friend that lives over in Russia, and I think he’s really scared. As far as I can tell from his perspective, most citizens living in that country didn’t even want the war, and if also what I’m reading is correct, they’re going to start drafting men in Russia to fight in this pointless game of Putin’s whether they want to or not.

I’m going to stay in contact with my friend as best as i can and pray that nothing escalates further… or he gets drafted.

I strong, strongly doubt nuclear weapons will be used.

But the draft is awful. Ukrainians are not the only victims here. Every Russian who dies during a pointless invasion they were drafted into is yet another casualty. If there’s any silver lining, it shows desperation which shows Putin is losing.