👋 The Introduction Thread

Greetings! : )

Hey, Niqnaq! Great to have you here!

Also, you can’t just say that and not share at least one picture of your cat, you know.

Hey Niq! Good to see ya here! ^^

Greetings, I’m Scott Krenner, I used to poke around every once in a while during the previous incarnation of Furs for Christ, having joined in… 2019 under the username Hawkfang42, I can’t quite recall why I chose that username. I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints all my life, and probably officially joined the furry fandom in 2018, with a fursona that’s a cat, I first discovered the furry fandom… probably around when my brother started using a furry character model in Garry’s Mod. other than vibing around furry forums, my hobbies include: crashing my computer, fantasize about games I could make if I finally finished that one text adventure game I was making and selling it to hire programmers and artists, failing to make obvious what the heck the pixel art I made is of, failing to understand why the 3d model I’m attempting to create is an outline and not a solid, and crashing my computer.

Ah, the cat in its natural habitat.

Welcome, Krenner! I dunno, “Hawkfang” is a pretty rad name still. :3

Welcome aboard, matey! Sounds like you’re itnerested in game design.~

Oh yeah, back in ye olden days, I loved messing around with RPG Maker 2000, then something happened and it stopped working.

Welcome back, Hawkfang!

Howdy! I’m Amethyst! I am also an arctic fox, however I’m younger than 18. I’ve been a furry since fairly recent times, and I have been a Christian ever since I could talk (fun fact: I learned how to talk before I learned how to walk)! I don’t have a job yet, but I aspire to be an author! I love reading, writing, art, animals, and games of all kinds! Hope you have a very blessed day, God be with you! <3

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Welcome to FFC, Amethyst! One of our admins is an Arctic fox so you’ll fit right in. :snowflake::fox_face:

Hi and welcome!

Oh hey! Welcome to another arctic fox! :smiley: It’s great to have you in the fandom and in our community!

Thank y’all so much <33 :snowflake::fox_face::snowflake: