👋 The Introduction Thread

Thank you think you! And speak for yourself! :blue_heart:
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Life is a work in progress. xD

Amen to that! haha

Hi! I am Diffurence. I live in Wisconsin, USA. I think I started calling myself a furry after fursuiting (or rather, trying on a fursuit) in April 2019. I received my fursuit June 2021.

Hello Diffurence! :smiley:

Wooper here, I’m a lurker most of the time but a few of you may know me. Reg got me to join xD

I used to be an active forum user in the early 2000s so, I’m always up for joining another :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a fulltime artist and sell a lot at conventions. I have been directly or indirectly involved with the fandom since at least 2007 (that’s when I made my FA account). xD Hobbies include drawing, gaming, hiking, reading, experiencing new things (especially food), and tending to my axolotls :3

I like people knowing thatihaveahugecrushonher I mean what XP

Heya! I remember you! :3 We joined the fandom around the same time! I don’t think I ever saw your axolotls though. :open_mouth: You should share pictures!

YOU actually know each other Sleet?! O_O

Hello/ My Name is Jace. I have been a furry since 2020 and a Christian my whole life. I have grown up in a Christian (non denominational). I am a music major in transition from Schoolcraft College Livonia MI to Wayne State Detroit. I love music, performing, theatre, baseball, and reading.

Welcome! We need more musical furries~

Ayyy, my brother just graduated from Schoolcraft, and one of his best friends goes to Wayne State! :smiley:

I don’t think I’ve formally introduced myself here- event though I’m openly active on the Telegram group!

I’m fable, or fablecoyote- and I’ve been in the furry fandom since around 2017. I was born and raised in the Churches of Christ, but as time has gone on, my desire to follow Christ has led me into some interesting places and I currently attend an interdenominational mainline church.

My fursona is a plains coyote, with a wild cowboy/desert aesthetic!

In my personal life, I love photography, art, literature, and taking care of plants and animals.

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My name is Longtooth and I am an aging red fox that is becoming quite grey. I was a fan of anthropomorphic characters since i was a kid in the 1970s and 80s. Disney’s Robin Hood and Bluth’s Secret of NIMH were my favorite movies. I collected Albedo, TMNT, Fish Police, Cerebus and others. I was not aware of the fandom until this century, and really never took part in the community until recently for fear of negative impacts on my career.

I am an attorney. I am a Roman Catholic. I spent decades away from the Church and only returned to it in 2015. I consider myself a conservative Catholic, with strong sympathy for the Traditionalists and the Latin Mass.

Heya, Longtooth! Welcome to FFC! It’s awesome to have you here! We have a doctor and a law student here so you’re not alone in that kinda career with being a furry. :3

Also oh hey need, I literally just saw Secret of NIMH for the first time just about a month ago.

That was the old cell animation. It was amazing what they could do with that method. Even though the computer animation is stunning, the cell style animators deserve much respect for theier work.

Thank you for the welcome. I look forward to participating and/or just reading the conversations here.

Kvetha everyone! I’m Zykax the Ender-Elythrian Hybrid (or Endelythrian), a shapeshifter in the form of a cat. Outside of lore, my fursona is an expression of my journey into faith with Christ, and an expression of how I view myself (I’m not a therian though).
I’ve believed in God all my life, but I only considered myself a Christian after I accepted Christ in baptism at age 13. I’m non-denominational.

I’m currently an Adventurer Trailman in Trail Life USA (it’s like Boy Scouts, but more Christ-centered and boy-lead). I’m currently working toward the Horizon, and Freedom awards (Freedom is equivalent to the Eagle Scout in BSA).

My favorite colors are green and purple (as you can probably tell from my fursona, hehe).
My favorite animals are cats, foxes, and dogs.

My hobbies include: Digital art (I use FireAlpaca with a kb&m), writing Elythrea lore, gaming (Xbox Series S is my main console), and roller skating.

My interests/fandoms include (but are not limited to):
Star Wars, Fortnite, Ori, Super Mario, Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, How to Train Your Dragon, VeggieTales, Looney Tunes, The Inheritance Cycle (currently my favorite books), Narnia, The Lord of the Rings.

I’ve had an interest in anthromorphic animals (unknowingly) for as long as I can remember, but I only accepted the furry title on June 13th 2022 (I never really denied it, but I also wasn’t entirely sure).
I later discovered this place last month through @Amethyst’s profile on Scratch! (hi!)

"When/how did you find out about the fandom?"

I was around 15-16 y/o when I started having an interest for furry related content in general, but I didn’t know the fandom was a thing until around late 2021, when I was watching a furry animation meme. Then I got curious and started researching what a furry was, what the fandom was about, and whether or not the Bible said anything in support of it or against it; I was a bit skeptical about the fandom at first (I never hated on furries though), yet I was still eager to join it- but only if I felt certain that it wasn’t inherently sinful.

After monthes of quietly lurking around a few furry communities on the Internet, some researching here and there, and accumulating knowledge, I deemed that the fandom wasn’t all that bad and (for the most part) was actually good, so I decided to be a furry.
Around that period of time, I was also designing the character who is now my fursona (Zykax).

I look forward to my time here!
God bless you all! <3

~ Sé onr líf hávr esterní un ilian! ~

SAME! What are the odds, lol. :laughing: