👋 The Introduction Thread

Nice. I have a sister who is a big Tolkien geek. She hasn’t read The Silmarillion yet, but yeah.

EDIT: Well, I know for sure that she’s a geek when it comes to Middle-earth stuff, but I don’t really know if she’s very well-knowedged in Tolkien’s other works.

Hey, welcome to the forum!

I wish I knew more about Tolkien, but I loved the movie trilogy (The Hobbit trilogy was fun but forgettable) and I’ve been enjoying The Rings of Power so far at least.

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Oh howdy, it’s great to see you here! I’m so glad I was able to indirectly show you this place <33

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Hello my name is Lupa and i am an ordained pastor. I have a small ministry in the furry fandom https://pawsofloveunited.online.church/ if you wanna chack it out! nice meeting you all! God bless!

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Oh hey that’s super cool! It’s awesome having pastors in the community. :3 What kind of church do you have? Do they know you’re a furry?

Yes they do! We are a furry based online congregation. We believe that no matter who you are and were your story is that one deserves to walk with the lord

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Welcome to FFC! It’s nice to see a furry congregation online; they’re pretty rare.

I definitely agree there! :smiley: Do you ever deal with people who don’t like a pastor being a furry?

Ooo, Canadian Bible, eh?

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Canadian Bible? What’s that refer to?

Ayyo- name’s Tempo. 23 years and have been a follower of Jesus for as long as I can remember (though I’ve gotten my life back on track this past year and have been more actively pursuing him as we’re called to do). I won’t go into all of the personal details here, but I’ve known about this forum since I was 17 actually (when I first found the fandom) and decided in my pursuit of answers and (hopefully) closure on a deep and personal topic that I would finally bite the bullet and stick my head in the doorway.

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Oh hey, welcome! I think our stories are fairly similar to some extent! :3 Though I’ve been around a bit longer. Welcome! It’s great to have you!

Hey all!
My name is Marc, and I’ve been a Christian (non-denominational) since birth, recently having experienced major growth in my walk with Christ. I am a part time staff member at my church, and my hobbies include piano, Rubik’s cubes, and photography. Although I have known about this fandom for a bit now, I have only just convinced myself to try and participate due to some past trauma around the topic. I was so thankful to find that there are other Christians who participate in this fandom!

Hey, welcome!

You’re welcome here! I do hope you can feel safe and be yourself!

I’m a pianist too! What style do you play?

Hey Sleet!
Thank you for the warm welcome! I typically play modern worship songs, but I’d love to learn jazz at some point.

Oh wow, jazz is hard! You gotta learn a lot of theory.

That’s very fair! It does help that I seem to have a decent bit of extra time at the minute. What about you, what style(s) do you play?

Hey, I don’t mean to clog up the wrong chat, but is the telegram down? I tried joining but the link seems to be dead.

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My bad! Here’s the link: Telegram: Contact @FursForChrist

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Mostly classical, though if I had people to play with I liked playing jazz/blues/rock!

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